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Opinions of Sunday, 17 May 2009

Columnist: Adumua, Sam

Comment: Ghana International Airline In Trouble?

I am really astounded that someone christening herself a chief executive of the above airline is impugning certain elements in London for being behind the stumpy patronage of the airline. It a shame really that she chose to put the blame on others when she herself new that the problem is right at her door steps.

What does she think will ensue when her staffs believe they are more important than the customers? The staffs don’t respect the passengers. They are rude, very unprofessional, lack the basic principles of customer care and above all they are a liability to us the customers.

I was stunned to be dole out water in little plastic cups on my last trip to Ghana. I have never seen such a thing before on an international airline. A whole international airline cannot serve each passenger with a bottle of water? You are a complete joker madam chief executive. If the airline is as good as you described it could you please explain why our leaders never patronise them? Where they also swayed by the alleged elements in London? You see, it is purely inefficiency and incompetency at its maximum best, you have no knowledge on how the aviation industry operates, or maybe your knowledge is just as minute as a mustard seed am afraid.

Your ticketing system is very dreadful. You have not developed a better website in this day and age, and you operate like the Ghana embassy in London. You are very good in being inefficient and I will score you 100% for that. I was in Ghana last year and one of your staff at the Kotoka International airport was very rude, though the flight was smooth, I counselled myself and my friends not to patronise the airline again. A friend of mine also booked a direct return flight from London to Accra only to be taken to Germany on transit to the UK without any notification. Madam you cannot operate in London as you do in Ghana. If that is what you think, I will counsel you to rather fly Accra - Tema – Accra. Nobody is making life thorny for your airline. It is you and your unprofessional staff who will cause the demise of the airline. I trust you have discontinued giving free tickets to staff (as it used to be in Ghana airways), families and friends. It is not done; let them pay for it with just a little subsidy so they cannot buy free tickets for families and friends. Remember we are a developing country. I also hope your directors don’t get sitting allowances for meeting during office hours as this is a common practice in most government agencies. Why should people be paid for sitting in a meeting to discuss the well being of their company?

A word to the wise is enough, you are your own enemies, no one is making the airline unpopular, it is you and your bunch of unprofessional staffs. Your airline don’t have a single office in the UK where customers can lodge their complaints, yet you claim UK is your main route. YOU ARE A COMPLETE JOKER/COMEDIAN. Have a good day