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Opinions of Monday, 11 June 2012

Columnist: Ansah, Koduah Owusu

Come again Bokor

This gentleman, for who he is, tries to whip up tribal sentiments amongst the wonderful people of Ghana. His piece on Hon. Ken Adgapong smacks hypocrisy and intellectual deceit. The last thing we need as a country is to fight against each other. Nobody chose his or her tribe in Ghana, and for a writer who calls himself a Doctor of Letters must be ashamed of himself for spewing garbage in the electronic media. I have not had the opportunity yet to defend a dissertation (I have not finished my PhD yet) but I have defended my graduate thesis and I can bet on my last penny that no American University Professor will accept mischief or academic dishonesty, and that is why their graduates do amazing things. We live in a free world so everybody has an inalienable right to join any political organization of his or her choice so if you like the NDC but hate the founder, that’s your choice. Some of us even doubt Bokor’s Ph.D. degree because as somebody with such a title, is mandated to do a bit of research before information is given out to the public. You know very well that Dr. Busia is/was 100% Bono from the great city of Wenchi and you dishonestly stated that he was an Ashanti. If you do not like Ashantis, that is your problem and the hate will slowly kill you, mark my words. I do not like Dr. Nkrumah but I do not hate him because he had some positives to his personality, this does not mean I should hate or dislike all Nzemas, no, God forbid. One thing that Dr. Nkrumah did to diffuse this tribal tension, was the introduction of secondary school boarding system of education. By the time I graduated from Great Mpass-Mpraeso Secondary School at Mpraeso (Beautiful and Wonderful town) I wished I could be a Kwahu kid. They are very humane and polite people and you don’t see or hear them yell or curse like my brethren. Through secondary education to KNUST, I met hordes of Ghanaians from different tribes and we all co-existed perfectly. I remember our afternoon conferences at ‘ALWAYS AROUND’ Unity Hall; we had a representation of students, or microcosm of the country to talk about national issues. Ghanaians are now mixed like US citizens. We have lots of people in Ghana who are half Ewe and half Ashantis, or half Bono and half Dagaris etic etc. (you can do the permutation yourself) where do we place these wonderful Ghanaians when it comes to tribal wars? It is only a twerp who will castigate people based on their tribe or race. Though the US society is not perfect, they appreciate diversity and this has helped them beat the rest of the world when it comes to human capabilities. Steve Forbes was from Syria if you care to know, and he would have died if he had grown up over there. Records indicate that 25% of Australians are foreign born and 20% of all Canadians are also foreign born and we all see how these nations are thriving. We have good Ashantis and stupid Ashantis and this trend is like a thin thread that runs through all tribes in Ghana. If you hate Ashantis, do not equate them with NPP because they are two separate, parallel entities. One is a tribe and the other is a political party. Conduct a proper research Mr. PHD and you will know the facts. Ken Adjapong’s statement was stupid and irresponsible, and should not be glorified by an ‘intellectual’ like you. Life is precious and very important; it is only the coward and the fool who would call for the demise of a fellow human being or insinuate for the destruction of a tribe, please let us not go there. Ameen Sangari was from the Northern Region yet he built his factory in Cape Coast and that is how we should operate-LIFE FIRST. Ghanaian women are amazing and just conduct a survey and you will be astonished as to how many of them would wish to marry from different tribes. Please let’s ceasefire and celebrate DIVERSITY. Look into the eyes of the person standing near you and you will see a HUMAN BEING
Koduah Owusu Ansah
Denver, Colorado