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Opinions of Saturday, 23 February 2008

Columnist: Fiagbeto, Yao

Stop misrepresenting the Trokosi Institution

I have many comments to make about Ossei Yao's views on the "Trokosi" subject which he claimed to be a professor in.

1. First Ossei Yaw him/herself which ever is correct (these days men are fastly becoming women- the he-shes)I suggest is a slave in London.

2. Ossei is not qualified to discuss intelligently on such a pure theological matter as Trokosi.

3. There are no "Fetish" Priests in Africa. The leaders of indigenous faith in Africa or elsewhere are pious Priests just as those of the Catholic, Presbyterian, or the Pentecostal faiths.

The numerous quotes of clauses of secular constitution in the article revealed how shallow Mr. Ossei's knowledge is on the subject. In fact, the whole Africa is still a colony and a slave socially, politically, and religiously under Europe and America. More than before, Africa is being dominated excessively by missionary activities. Where is our indipendence?

Religiously, A Trokosi is the same faithful as a nun or a monk who took a religious vow to live a poor life - to be a "slave" to or in the service of his/her faith.

Institutionally, Trokosi is same as the monasteries and the convents of the Churches and the Temples. Why the one of and from Africa is so satanic and uncivilize? Mr. Ossei was not writing his articles to educate, but to condemn a whole institution that descended from the Ancient Nile River Valley. His motives are clearly revealed through his own pen.

He again cited several world (Europe founded) human right organizations as his (Ossei's) witnesses. But what Mr. Ossei forget soon or did not know at all is that Europeans and Americans abused and continue to abuse their own women more than any human race on earth. Child abuse, women abuse, school violence, demestic violence, abortion, work place violence, even church shootings, etc. abound in Europe and America. What are you talking about?

Another way in which Mr. Ossei is deeply confused is that, while the Euro-American world is known to turn every thing, including strick religous matters, into huge wealth making concepts, Africans remain pure and natural in their every day thinking and living (call that uncivilized?)

There are known records showing pastors of churches in Ghana/Africa who engaged school- going -age children (girls mostly) as house-girls and treating them as pure slaves (get that!).I personally invite Mr. Ossei to meet with me on the phone or the e-whatever, for further talks on the issues of Trokosi.

We as a people cannot continue to sell ourselves and our sacred heritage for perishable food.

Long live Africa and Africans.

Posted by Yao Fiagbeto 9371 haley court jonesboro, Ga. 30238 678-468-8650

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