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Opinions of Thursday, 24 February 2011

Columnist: Amadu, Umaru Sanda

Civilization Madness!

The world was said to be uncivilized during the Stone Age period for various reasons including nakedness. Humans wore nothing in those days and nobody was bothered. Then a new era dawned on them introducing what is commonly known as civilization.
This era saw humans use various opaque objects such as animal skins and leaves among other things to cover especially their private parts. Whatever led to that thought obviously was for a good course and humans struggled hard to maintain this culture and improve it through to this modern world.

Veering from history to religion, we are told in holy texts that the first thing Adam and Eve did when they became knowledgeable on good and evil was to cover their private parts. One needs not wonder why they did this. It is only human and moral to do what they did.

Must we then deviate from this old age norm of our forefathers just for the sake of this rather archaic form of dressing called modernity? Are we not committing the inhumanly act of licking back our own sputum which we left on the refuse dump for centuries? We definitely must not!

Even the dead who has no conscience is dignified by being clothed before burial. Question is, if even the dead who have no conscience is covered, why should a very conscious human rather go naked? The first thing you think when you see a naked person roaming the street is that he or she is mad. Is that what our so called modernity is driving at? And is that what we want to turn our world into? Certainly not!

Is it surprising the number of rape cases reported on our airwaves? I think many of those victims actually bought that unfortunate thing which is inflicted on them. As soon as you pay for a skimpy dress in the boutique knowing very well that it will expose vital parts of your body, you should know that you have bargained and bought rape for yourself.

Have you ever sat in the local transport popularly known as trotro with a skimpily dressed lady seated and facing you? How about being behind the steering wheel and seeing a virtually naked lady on the pavement or in your rear view mirror? It is only natural for a matured man to feel uncomfortable and drive himself crazy.

Ask the taxi drivers and the drivers’ mates the hell they go through daily just because of these almost naked ladies littering the streets. A friend confessed to me the other time that he had to change his sitting place in the lecture hall just because of the lady sitting in front of him. ‘I couldn’t concentrate on lectures’, he confessed to me.

This phenomenon, I am sure is occurring in several of our lecture halls nationwide. It is high time we introduced some strict measures to check this ‘modern indiscipline civilization’ menace and spare us that talk of Human Rights. Didn’t the law say “Your freedom ends where mine begins?” If mine begins where my eyes reach, then you must ensure that yours end before that point.

It is in this light that I commend the Catholic Church for placing a ban on indecent dressing amongst worshipers. I believe the time is more than due for that action to be taken in our society.

After all, rights are suspended in state of emergencies and this phenomenon that causes drivers to veer off the road and students uncomfortable at lectures calls for a state of emergency. If those ladies won’t let their male counterparts have their peace of mind, they mustn’t be allowed to have it either.