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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Columnist: Assibid Dauda

Christmas message to President Akuffo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo President Akufo-Addo

Dear Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

Merry Christmas to you and Auntie Becky. My salutation might have confused you a little because we have not been friendly for long. I decided to be so due to the season though many Ghanaians have received a bitter yuletide from you and your self-acclaimed competent men who are goofing all over the place.

Mr. President, whereas you are celebrating Christmas with so much joy and fulfillment, Ghanaians are celebrating the dry Christmas in pain, unprecedented hardship and anguish. This Christmas is bedeviled with insecurity and corruption at their highest level. The system is so dry. Prices of goods and services are skyrocketing whilst you continue to worry our ears with inflation is reducing. Inflation reducing is meaningless unless it corresponds with the reduction of prices of foodstuffs and other consumables.

Traders are unable to sell because consumers do not have the purchasing power. Workers are crying and suffering because for the first time in Ghana’s history, they are celebrating Christmas without their salaries. Graduates are suffering and crying because the jobs you promised them are not forthcoming. Thanks to your ‘competent’ incompetent men!

Nothing weighs less than a promise though. Importers are suffering and crying because your promise to scrap import duty has become a much ado about nothing. The poor performance of the Ghana Cedis worsens their plight. Your deceptive scrapping of the 17.5% VAT and replacing with 3% flat VAT rate has rather increased the rate above 20%. I don’t know what competent algorithm you and your Zongo Economist Bawumia used to arrive at this. Even the illiterate traders have condemned this your misleading 3% flat rate.

Nursing trainees are suffering and crying because they haven't received their November allowances let alone dream of December. SHS students are suffering, crying and dying. They are all now always living in fear and panic as their schools have been rogued with strange diseases. Parents of these students are also crying and they're very disappointed. One can see the disappointment in the eyes of parents whose wards are getting pregnant because their wards stay alone without supervision as there isn't enough space to contain them in the dormitories. One can see the disappointment in the eyes of parents whose wards weren't placed even though they met the entry requirement but couldn't be placed because government is trying to control the number of admissions to cut down cost. Your free education has now metamorphosed into free pregnancies, free sicknesses and free deaths.

Galamseyers are suffering and crying because despite your campaign promise of allowing them to mine their gold, you have rather banned their operations. " nkronfo bi n3nam Ghana ekaa ‘kyire embrantie ne mbabawaa no se me baa, me be gu galamsey. Anokware ba'ko nim kuura kuura" this was your message to galamseyers in Tarkwa in 2016. Is that anchor holding? I can go on and on!

Mr. President, as you celebrate your Christmas, I want you to know that the security of the country has deteriorated beyond reasonable doubts. We are living in fear and panic. Let me kindly remind you of your own campaign message in 2016 on security. "Ghanaians are becoming increasingly concerned about their security due to the increasing levels of crime and lawlessness under the Mahama led NDC government. Today Ghanaians do not feel safe. The Mahama led NDC government has failed the people of Ghana in terms of the security of the country and its citizens. Our existing laws are largely not enforced and when they are, they're done selectively often with much interference from the Executive. The NPP will secure peace and security for all Ghanaians. Under the NPP government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes"

Can we go for a reality check on this? The reality is that criminals are now protected by Nolle Prosequi, miscreants are encouraged, criminality has been entrenched by subtle executive order. Our courts are threatened, our prisons are threatened, our police stations are threatened and the masses are doomed.

The reality is that invincible forces assaulted a senior police officer by name ASP Nanka Bruce at the Flagstaff House and till date nothing has happened to any of them.

The reality is that Delta forces invaded the offices of the Ashanti regional coordinating council and assaulted the regional security coordinator with the reason that they didn't know him and could not comprehend why you should appoint him as a security coordinator. They are still comfortably eating fufu in their various homes.

The reality is that same Delta forces stormed the Ashanti regional circuit court, attacked the Presiding judge, vandalized properties and freed their co-terrorist members who were standing trial for unlawfully entering the Ashanti regional coordinating council and assaulting the regional security coordinator. Madam Nolle Prosequi can tell you what she did to them.

Just last week, our security situation was discussed at UN. It was said that Ghana needs tougher actions on mercenaries and private security to safeguard stability. You know the UN Assembly speaks diplomatic language. They are indirectly telling you to disband your illegal forces which you allowed to terrorize state security forces. But I can bet that you don't have the balls to do such a thing and you can't do it as you are their godfather. You are their founder and leader and you finance their activities. The NPP vigilantes are simply unstoppable because they've been over pampered and are often treated with kids gloves.

You've seen where we now??? Internationally we are now a laughing stock. Mr. President, there is fire on the mountain. The already prejudicial Chief Justice impeachment committee has begun impeachment proceedings against Mrs. Charlotte Osei; Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, hope you are aware?

It is no secret that Madam Charlotte Osei debunked all the frivolous politically motivated allegations against her in a response which I believe got to you and your Chief Justice. In her response it was clear she was carrying out her work diligently and appropriately to the chagrin of some old rats whose holes are being flattened. They feel uncomfortable and decided to throw mud at the hardworking woman by accepting to endorse a politically sponsored stupid petition led by a reckless lawyer. They finally with your and your surrogates’ assistance ended up selecting some staff of the EC to endorse a petition which content they don’t know.

A careful read of her response and study of events at the EC so far indicates that a cartel that has been bathing in corruption for a long time and have sunk themselves in a scam that made them think nothing is at stake is arrogantly defying authority and is vehemently resisting authority and a genuine fight against corruption in the independent EC. You promised to fight corruption and I believe you should rather support the woman to kill the cats at the EC that have decided to turn the commission into a meat market. Why have you decided to allow that mischievous lawyer to use his legal education to destroy the Ghanaian Society simply because it will enable you and your NPP to manipulate the EC?

By the way what is Madam Charlotte Osei being punished for? What is her crime? Who are her detractors? And how did the CJ manage to establish a Prima Facie case? And they say you are a human rights activists? Lol Lol Lol. That's a joke. I mean that is preposterous. Someone that supervises this illegality and glorifies blood shed can't be a human rights activist.

I am a concerned citizen who cherishes peace and security so much and for that matter made it my constitutional duty to protect and defend the good name of our country Ghana. I will any day, any time resist oppressors rule. Your NPP is incorrigibly bent on rigging the elections knowing very well you didn't win the 2016 elections. There is a grand scheme by your Presidency and certain top notches of the Electoral Commission to remove at all cost the EC Chair from office to enable the NPP implement its rigging plans. I know you know very well what am talking about. But I have got some news for you too. Should you succeed in your evil plan, it would be the end of your regime. It would also be the end of peace and harmony in Ghana. So I humbly advise you to backtrack. The man who wants to hang himself can always be led to the noose. The crow that mimics a sea gull drowns. Fire can be concealed not smoke.

I believe you have not forgotten the guns you imported into the country are still around. Bugri Naabu, your Northern Region Chairman was relocating them to Naamong, his home village recently and was caught. Intelligence revealed you have ordered the discontinuation of that case by the police. What do you fear? Bugri speaks a lot these days so you fear he will spill the beans. Hahahaaa he spoke already. He was on record to have said you ordered the relocation of the cache because they are no longer needed where they are now. You see? Your all die be die was actually dangerously alive underground. Thank God somehow you are President today; only he knows what would have happened if you had lost. No wonder Kennedy Agyapong always threatened to expose you.

Aaahhhaaaa, with regards to your human rights activism, I forgot to acknowledge that you do very well in fighting for the rights of Gays and Lesbians; backdoor pundits as Dr. Hassan Ayariga would put it. It is bound to happen??? What do you mean by that? In Ghana? Is that what your Christian doctrines teach you? Mr. President, you embarrassed Ghanaians with that comment and you insulted us too. The pains of this humiliation would forever remain in our hearts. You're 74 years old and I must say am happy for you and would equally love to live beyond 74 years.

Your father was not a Gay and your Mother was not a Lesbian so they were able to give birth to you. So my question is if your parents were homosexuals would you be born to fight for the rights of these foolish rats? Your bound to happen comment have energized homosexuals in Ghana. They are now bold to grant interviews. Homosexual leaders around the world and advocates have started following you like the way flies follow shit. I only hope and pray you don't become a second wife to one of them.

Mr. President, time they say sweeps everything along and can bring good as well as evil, evil as well as good. And At no point in time would this adage ever be appropriately used than now. Opportunity makes the thief; the thief who has no opportunity to steal considers himself an honest man. The higher an ape climbs, the more he exposes his bald ass. There is unprecedented level of corruption in the country. Real acts of corruption and impunity and not merely perceptions as it used to be in Former President John Dramani Mahama’s regime. You campaigned on anti-corruption ticket to become a President. I never believed you though others did. I was of the view that "se kwatrikwa se obe mawo ntumagu'aa ti'e n3 din".
Your henchmen and you fought Paul Afoko and succeeded in ousting him from the NPP because he was fighting Corruption in the party and a person with this character can never, would never and history would never allow such a person to fight corruption.

Today in Ghana, the highest seat of the country can be bought with a $100,000. Expatriates are charged fees ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to sit and dine with the President. Visitors and investors are charged $20,000 to access the flagstaff house. Carlos 'Macho ' Ahenkorah, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, who signed the demand letter revealed on Neat FM that the whole deal was discussed at the Presidency and that the bribes were transferred from the Ministry of Trade and Industry accounts to a Flagstaff House account. Your camouflage query to Alan Kyeremanteng is a cosmetic exercise by you to project the obviously corrupt self as blameless.

But let me ask ooooooo, what answers were you expecting from the harmless cassava Minister? Is he in control of the Ministry at all? How can he be in control when you packaged 2 'Macho ' arrogant, non-submissive whining deputies to him? Even Ama Sey, the helpless Akwatia MP is much more powerful than Alan Kyeremanteng in your government. We all know that!

Today in Ghana a budget for the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives cost over One Billion Cedis (GHc 1,010,239,000.) I call it the Ministry of Special Development 'Initiathieves'.

Today in Ghana, a bore hole is dug for GHc132,000.00. Is that borehole going to produce anointing oil or the water we all know?

Today in Ghana, a website for Mavis Hawa Koomson's ministry cost GHc800,000.00. A mere website? Why, are we using the website to create God? Why, will this website show us when the second coming of Jesus Christ is, or would it show us a map to heaven, or explain how the Good Lord created the world?
But why won't she do that? Dr. Bawumia bought a free app on google app store for $2.5million. She learned from the master. Like father like daughter.

Mr. President, on this day as you are celebrating Christmas, I want you to know that you are a legend of the corrupt. Your administration’s stealing is legendary. You won by claiming anti-corruption and competence. You are displaying annoying corruption and incredible levels of incompetence. Ghanaians thought the NDC were thieves and that they have showed the exit door to the vultures, not knowing we have replaced them with plundering elephants and wolfs; the real armed robbers are back in power.

Doesn't the avarice, acquisitiveness, cupity and rapaciousness of your government give you nightmares? You and your Veep are just weak overlords who are just seeking the aggrandizement of yourselves, families, friends, associates and concubines who are quicker to despoil your subjects than govern well. All the biggies in your government are your family and friends now making things look as if we are a congregation of followers of mother Teresa.

Better cut the shoe than pinch your foot.

Mr. President, you are currently too pusillanimous on corruption. You've reduced the fight against corruption to the MICROPHONE. You are grindingly cruel to those who stand in your way. Very ruthless and glorying in bloodshed. You have reversed outrightly the democratic gains made by this country.

You have and is still busy dismantling democratic institutions by closing down media stations that are critical of your regime, buying independent TV, Radio and newspaper outlets and clamping down on opposition activities. You have ever since you became president dismissed several public and civil service workers. You have extended your encroachment to the independent Electoral Commission of Ghana. Ghana is currently in a 'Gray zone' neither totally authoritarian nor democratic.

Mr. President, I understand you have a notion that you have performed creditably, right? Oh yes, you have. Because it is not easy to within 12 months milk a nation's resources the way you did. But I have few things to inquire from you.

Will your anchor hold in the storms of your life?

Now that the storm is unfolding its wings of strife?

When the strong tide lift?

When the cables strain?

Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

John Dramani Mahama had an anchor that kept him firm, steadfast and sure while the billows rolled.

Fasting to the rock which cannot move was his case, can I say same of you?

One last thing Mr. President, your basket of deplorable are harassing me. They threaten my life daily. Those who threaten me of annihilation stand on their own peril. The light of Assibid Dauda can never be extinguished. Can’t I have my freedom and privacy anymore? Why are my calls being monitored? That nonsense must stop.

The second coming of John Dramani Mahama is at hand. William Butler Yeats poem is more relevant today than ever before.

Here you have it!

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Aaahhh, the gods of Binduri just sent a Christmas message to me. What did you say? The Special Christmas pito is ready? Bye for now Mr. President, I'm off to celebrate Christmas with the gods of Binduri.