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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Columnist: Benjamin Shie K.

Christmas in the village

Benjamin Shie K. Benjamin Shie K.

Dying into the wild and cold night
The yellowish-orange ball dies in the west
Giving birth to the shining stars and moon in the skies
The birds whispers and crickets chirps beautifully in the trees
As the doves and pigeons also coos sweetly
To announce it is the eve of Christmas

My face lightened with the joy of meeting family members coming from the cities and towns
I bury my freezing body in bed, wrapped in clothes like a baby
Anticipating the joy and jubilation coming with the mild morning

But long before the cock crows I rise
To sit around the flames of fire from the stony tripod in the centre of my family house
Forget the fog and frosty environment
Christmas is here

Hearing the carols play in all homes from their walkman
It's clear that Christmas is here
The young and old as a cause to dance in jubilation
But the young does it best
The following weeks will come with topics for discussion

From the womb of eternity, a king is born
To bring hope to those in despair
Yet to live the thrones of earth in vanity
At last God and sinners reconciled
As he is birth to humans as human
That's is what we're told in the Sunday school.
No one is left unhappy as we gather to sing merry christmas