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Opinions of Monday, 18 December 2017

Columnist: Joana Mensah

NDC under siege, NPP freely executing agenda 2020

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been placed under siege, not able to rediscover its radical self as an opposition party, and as a result, the ruling NPP is having a field day executing operation retain power at all cost. 

At a time the NPP is preparing to remove the leadership of the Electoral Commission so as to enable the party smoothly execute their agenda 2020, the NDC national executives are busily planning on a suitable date to Walk in Sunyani and enable former President John Mahama to address the mobilised NDC supporters.

At a time the NPP is holding it's second delegates conference to amend it's constitution ahead of their plan to implement ROPAL and import votes from abroad, the NDC national executives are issuing directives on how to organize a President Mahama THANK YOU Tour across the country. 

At a time that the NPP has finished with their plan to replace the current voters register and insist on the usage of the GhanaCard or Ghanaian passport as the only form of identification as a Ghanaian, before a voter ID will be issued, the NDC national executives on the other hand, are embroiled in a fight for supremacy, where the National Chairman, with the support of the former Chief of Staff, has successfully boxed the General Secretary into a corner and is now gasping for breath.

So you see, the NPP is planning and implementing strategies to win 2020 and beyond, no matter who their Flagbearer will be, but the NDC is involved in a John Mahama must be the supreme battle.

Sadly, the NPP is executing all these selfish plans and the NDC has not been able to organise a single press conference to expose the wicked agenda of the NPP and to call it's members unto the streets to bare their teeth at the NPP government and their Chief Justice who has already found a prima facie case against the EC Chairperson and her two deputies, commencing impeachment proceedings. 

It is no wonder to any rational NDC member that the ongoing events, where the party machinery has stopped plotting against the NPP evil plans but is rather conspiring to please former President John Mahama, will automatically end the party in another painful defeat in 2020 and beyond, as the NPP will successfully execute all that we have allowed them to. 

Lest we forget, at a time the NPP had by a huge margin, won the 2016 elections, the NDC National Executives met and decided to tell the whole world that WE ARE IN A COMFORTABLE LEAD.

When almost all the radio stations in Ghana had called the elections for the NPP, the NDC General Secretary called a press conference and told us to go home and eat our Banku and Fufu, for the real results containing the good news was on its way to the EC.

The next morning, the Greater Accra Chairman with the assistance of Ministers of State organised a walk from El-Wak Stadium to the residence of President Mahama to congratulate him for his successful victory.

They demanded we all wear white clothes, to signify victory. 

How sensitive. 

How wise are our leaders? 

They are indeed, God sent. 

It is not surprising therefore that such National Executives will be so blind to the ongoing political scheming that NPP is undertaking to guarantee a smooth victory in 2020. 


Taking advantage of the situation, the former President first got his newspaper to publish that names of National Executives who went for campaign cash from him will soon be released if those national executives don't stop badmouthing Him. 

The confusion and anger that rocked the Adabraka Headquarters of the party resulted in finger-pointing. 

Sticking to plan, the office of the former President winked its eye to single out the stubborn General Secretary for blame, although every party member knows that it was the National Organiser who was the former President's link man to the party and who got the chunk of everything: cash, cars, materials. 

Upon this coming to light, the national executive officers who had stood by the General Secretary through the tough times in government, complaining of neglect and predicting worse outcomes, quickly abandoned His camp. It was now a situation of Each For Himself, God For Us All. 

Not surprisingly, the meeting of the Functional Executives Committee to decide on the method of registration of party members became the theatre ground. Not a single member of the executives supported the position of the General Secretary, no matter how solid and convincing his arguments were. 

With the control of the national executives decided, those behind the curtains moved on to the next phase of their agenda and got 10 regional chairmen not to bother about the humiliating defeat suffered in their respective regions, but to fly to Accra to sign a statement to endorse the former President.

An endorsement ahead of branch elections, constituency elections, Regional Conferences, National Congress and the Presidential primaries scheduled for December 2018. 

Yes. That is the mental processes of those who wore white clothes and walked to congratulate the then President, on a day that the EC was about to announce his unprecedented defeat in the evening. 

If you think you have gotten enough information, wait. The big news is, money talks and so they are in charge and have placed the party under siege. 


By: Joana Mensah

Agona Swedru