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Opinions of Sunday, 13 December 2009

Columnist: Amoa-Kodie, Paulius Owuraku

Christ & Ghanaian Culture

It seems Ghanaians are missing the mark to integrate Christ into their culture. Even some say Christianity is a White man's religion, so Black man should not embrace it. However, it is these people who are following the White man's culture--boyfriend and girlfriend issue! In attempt to address this problem I humbly write this article!

In every culture to which the Gospel comes there are men who hail Jesus as the Messsiah of their society, the fulfiller of its hopes and aspirations, the perfecter of its true faith, the source of its holiest Spirit. In Christian Community they seem to stand in direct opposition to the radicals, who reject the social institutions for Christ's sake; but they are far removed from those "cultured among the despisers" of Christian faith who reject Christ for the sake of their civilization. These men are Christians not only in the sense that they count themselves believers in the Lord but also in the sense that they seek to maintain community with others believers. Yet they seem equally at home in the community of culture. They feel no great tension between Church and the World, the social laws and the Gospel, the working of divine grace and human effort, the ethics of salvation and the ethics of social conservation or progress. On the one hand they interpret culture through Christ , regarding those elements in it as most important which are most accordant with his work and person; on the other hand they understand Christ through culture, selecting from his teaching and action as well as from the Christian doctrine about him such points as seems to agree with what is best in civilization.

So what is the problem? The Missionaries who brought Christianity to us did not teach us the Spirit of the Gospel (which is the Authority) but rather taught us the subject. They introduced us to their Churches doctrine and not Christ. Moreover, they made us inferior to themselves. Most of the Churches are now operating under the influence of Juda's spirit (sex and money) thinking they are working for the Lord. Worshipping God in the flesh ( in Egypt ). "Let My people go" said the Lord.Thank you!

"For Africa's sake I will not hold My peace, and for Ghana sake's I will not not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as lamp that burns."

From Apostle Paulius Owuraku Amoa-Kodie