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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Columnist: Akulley, Anane Ebenezer

Chopping in the name of the dead, Ford Karmel a victim

I will be very grateful if you permit me space on your website to air my views on the raging debate about the need to check corruption in the country, since it has become the canker that is draining the national kitty of funds for very vital projects that the people of this country needed so much for a convenient life. Currently, the country has a problem with water, fuel and electricity. All these, if you do close assessment of the situation, corruption is the root cause.

On 25th December, 2012, the people of the Volta Region and Ghana as a whole did not hear good news. The minister in charge of the region passed on. This was very sad news which jeopardized the Christmas festivity for many people. Because, this was a very humble man who respected everybody and did his work as it was expected of him. For that matter, everybody was interested in giving him a befitting burial. Fortunately, we heard government has taken the cost of the funeral organization for our late departed minister.

However, I was shock to chance on a receipt that shows that all the twenty five district assemblies in the region were charged 2,500.00 cedis each which amounted to 62,500 cedis for the funeral of the late minister which were receipted in the name of Guanman Youth festival. Much as I know, the funeral was a state sponsored one. The questions then I want to ask is that, were these monies collected from the assemblies and sent to the state protocol in Accra for the funeral? If that was the case, why is the money receipted in the name of Guanman Youth Festival? Was the funeral organized by Guanman Youth? Was it a festival? If the funeral was not organized by Guaman Youth, then what obligation do the assemblies have towards Guanman Youth to dish out money for their festival? How much did the assemblies paid for the funeral of Prof. Mills? Did the assemblies pay something towards the funeral of Prof. Mills, if not, why then now? Definitely, I guess something fishy is going on.

I want to use this forum to call on the president to immediately institute a probe into this and anyone find responsible this clever bully thievery, punished. For now, Ghanaians awake and are watching with eagle’s eyes and will punish the president at the polls should he seeks a renewal of his mandate. Corruption is fought by action taken on it to deter others from engaging in it but not mere pledge of words to fight it. The time is now.

Anane Ebenezer Akulley