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Opinions of Sunday, 2 May 2010

Columnist: Akomea, Bill Graham Osei

Check This Attitude Of Drivers

Of Late there is this trend going on Kumasi, which, if not checked is getting out of control. Drivers who drive along the Kumasi - Ejisu road in their quest to raise more money carry passengers short way instead of full destination. For instance, for one to get to Tech from Kejetia, he has to take two vehicles, one from Kejetia or central market to Anloga junction or Oforikrom and one from there to Tech. For passengers who live at areas like Ejisu, Kwamo, Fumesua, Oduom, Kentinkrono and other towns along the Kumasi – Ejisu road, they have to take one vehicle from central market to Tech and other one from Tech to their final destination. That is if they are lucky. On an unlucky day, they will have to take three vehicles; from central market to Anloga junction to tech and to their final destination. This is over exploitation of passengers. A journey which is supposed to cost say 35 pesewas, one end up paying 55 pesewas.

What is most worrying which makes the situation demand urgent antidote is that, unlike before when drivers used to pick passengers to say Oforikrom and turn round to go back to central market for other passengers, now drivers pick passengers to say Oforikrom and tells passengers they are continuing to tech and from tech they tell passengers again they are continuing to say Kwamo. And at every stop point passengers pay, meaning their initial contract is executed and another one entered into. Suffice to say that this attitude is not dominant among drivers who operate at known lorry stations at Kejetia. It is found among those drivers who operate ‘waawaa’. The situation is pathetic in the evenings and rainy seasons when passengers need vehicles most to carry them to their homes.

The other side of the problem is that such drivers charge above the normal fares. This has and is going on for a long time and it is high time something is done about it. I would like to draw attention and to appeal to various transport unions, Ghana Police, car owners and all appropriate bodies and agencies to help curtail the situation for us.

By: Bill Graham Osei Akomea