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Opinions of Friday, 10 October 2014

Columnist: The National Forum

Charge on EC!


Charge ON EC!

The National Forum is satisfied that at long last the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has decided to crack the whip of offending persons in electoral matters.

In a letter dated 26th September, 2014 addressed to the Political Parties in Ghana under the subject; ‘Adjudication of Suspected cases of multiple registrations’, the Acting Public Affairs Director of the EC, Christian Owusu-Parry wrote on behalf of the Chairman of the Commission to invite representatives of the political Parties to witness the exercise.

He stated that “The Electoral Commission will adjudicate on all cases of suspected multiple registrations detected in the database following the matching of all fingerprints in the database after the revision of the voter’ register.

You are please requested to send a representative of your party to observe the adjudication process.

The exercise would take place in the Conference room (IPAC room) of the Commission from Monday, 6th to Friday 10th October, 2014. It would start at 9am each day.”

We at TNF view this as welcome news since the presentation of a credible register sets the tone for ensuring a credible electoral process thus encouraging the acceptance of the outcome by all. It is also going to set the basis for dealing with offending persons who are in the habit of unnecessarily creating problems for the Electoral Commission in particular and our Election in general.

With this adjudication process set in motion, the time has come to say enough to electoral malpractice and misconduct. Today, it is beginning with voters; tomorrow must lead to dealing with any electoral officers be they temporary or permanent staff. Enough is Enough!

We urge the EC on never to relent in the effort to bring sanity into the Electoral process in Ghana. For God and Country, we say to Commission, ‘CHARGE ON!’ in the fight against wrong and in the quest to bring about sanity and decency.