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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Change we must,NDC!!!!!.

As we prepares for review of our beloved National Democratic Congress party’s constitution, a lot of issues are being raised here and there which must be taken seriously in order not to mar this rather important exercise. Selfish people are beginning to raise questions about the transparency of the process. To some of us, this Constitutional review which has been long overdue must be taken with all the seriousness it deserves and not be toyed with, since it will shape the future direction of the NDC party. As we speak, time is not on our side and looking at the months spend already, one would have thought that the process would have kicked started sooner.

It is clear that looking at the Constitution of the NDC now; it leaves room for so much manipulation and exploitation by a few adventurous National, Regional and constituency executives which became evident during our parliamentary aspirants contest in the previous elections. Believe it or not some Mp's in the just ended elections asked branch executive not to endorse people coming out to contest them. Two persons in a particular constituency in Tamale endorse a constant forms and later turned looking for that person because their Mp refuse giving them motorbikes. In some places,the branch executives ask contestant whether they see Hon!!,before coming to them. And as a democratic party,stake holders of the party need to have a say,chose a person they think could lead them very well and not the higher bider. Some of these concerns make the amendment process an important exercise and hence should not be taken for granted.

Another worried signal in the past was the open endorsements of candidates by leading members and interest groups. As much as party members have every right to endorse candidates here and there, this should be done with much circumspection and at the right time and forum. These endorsements will not only disrupt the rebuilding exercise but also help deepen the perceived factionalism in the party.

It is no secret that the NDC needs rebuilding process which will seek to correct the wrongs of the past while strategically positioning the party to braze itself for future elections. We have reached an important point in our party’s history where now we don’t only need to win the hearts and minds of the masses, but their confidence and trust as well. I am convinced that actions of some leading personalities in the party raises doubt about their neutrality and their ability to help unite this party. On the perceived factionalism within the NDC, I want to challenge the National Executives to nip this trend in the bud since time is not on our side in this regard. Attempts should also be made to address the concerns raised. On this score, I call on perceived groups to lead the way in the rebuilding process to help dispel rumors of factionalism and cracks at our front before its get out of hand. While all these efforts are being made, I want to make a clarion call on all party foot soldiers to remain calm and committed towards this exercise.

I strongly believe that if the NDC renews itself, offer the masses the chance to participate in the decision making process at the grassroots level and reshape the future direction of the party, it will make it easier winning the future elections with a united front. Since it takes a party which is strategically positioned and psychologically prepared to win an election whereas a good candidate adds to the strength of the party in the polls.

Long live the founder of ndc!!!!!,Long live Ghana!!!!!!

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