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Opinions of Monday, 29 July 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Change,we must!!!!

Today I thought of doing something a bit different from my normal morning activities. I thought of sitting on earlier at my usual baobab tree under to observe some of the people who inspire me a lot and to learn one or two things from them. Although I call these people role models of mine. I mean those people Selling vegetables, tomatoes, oranges, onions and so on and so forth.I have my usual groundnuts seller,I used to buy fried groundnuts and pop corn from. As I sat,I start to recollect a day I decided to talk to her, I was amazed by her stories.

We all see these men and women who sell their stuff in our neighborhood and even at the market place, but now have you ever wondered why they are always selling? Well Your answer is as good as mine, "to make money" 100% correct.

Now, how much money do they make? Ever wondered? If you are not sure, go out now and meet anyone of them and talk to them, they will be willing to share you their business insights. As for my dear lady, she told me how she makes a profit of Gh 4 cedis everyday. Yes!!!,Gh 4 cedis.That is when she buys the groundnuts, fries it and parks it, So I asked her, what if I give her Gh 2000 cedis now, would you stop selling ground nuts? I thought that was a lot of money to her And here is where she took me on a business lecture of my life. She said, "You see what, Gh 2000 cedis is not anything, I can spend that money today in minutes and it will be all gone, but I know that everyday I am here, I make something I did not have. I sleep wake up Gh 4 cedis less but at sunset, I go home Gh 4 cedis richer everyday. At the end of the week I am Gh 28 cedis richer. In a month if I sell everyday, I make Gh 120 cedis.

Do you know that if I stay at home I can not make that money? And because I work for it, I spend it well, I have 3 children who go to school and I provide for them, This Gh 4 cedis a day gets me going" You should have seen that day where her lecture took me to. It was a lesson of my life, It changed my thinking.

It is a simple thing but from that day, I have never seen money the same way. I sometimes sit and wonder how students in the Universities and tertiary institutions, spend much money on top up credits, drinks, some pizza outing swag with peeps, expensive kicks to impress their colleagues, a good phone and all that college kid stuff. Then I thought about this lady who spends most of the day making Gh 4 cedis to feed her family. I knew most of them were financially dumb,So I asked myself,How much money do they make? I realize most of them are not making any, but rather helping waste their parents money too.

I pray,they change!!!!!.

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