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Opinions of Sunday, 9 December 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

Change Me From The Spare Driver To……………

What God has put together let no man put ascender. We know this saying very well but how often do we practice it. Ignorance before the law is truly not an excuse yet we temper justice with mercy. No one is born a leader, neither born a follower nor born to suffer. It is by His grace that we lived. It is God who chooses a leader. There is a purpose for which everyone is created by his maker. However, it is our duty to live a life that is pretty resonating in society in other to live the dream of our life. We must pray in whatever way we believe in to God and do what is required of us to fulfill God’s purpose for us on earth.

It is my pleasure to let all meaning souls on earth and for that matter Ghana to hold a firm believes that, whatever God has ordained for you will surely come to pass. It can delay and take time as if God has forgotten of you. You may be in the cave thinking of how to get out. You can be incarcerated or banish yet He will find you and put you where He wants you to be. God has not forsaken any one, neither Has He forgotten the oppressed nor abandoned the destitute.

We us human must not malign or make any desperate effort to deface the image of our fellow human being especially when it is done with all the certainty for a gain. I do not pretend to know it all, my vulnerability is urging me more to share this piece with my fellow human beings. One thing we must always keep vigil is the fact that we are all but God’s creation. I have no control over my birth or have any idea of how I was conceived and born. Do not hate me because am not of your social status. I asked for mercy from you to accept me for how am created and give me room to improve. God whom we all serve is well aware of our existence and therefore very cautious of our being.

Today, the good people of Ghana have spoken. We have decided on whom to be our next President. Let us accept it and give reverence to where it deserves. Prior to these elections, all sorts of names were referred to our President with accusations and counter accusations. The same could be said about his close contender who was also vilified by our potent and eloquent articulations all to gain recognition by our political God-fathers. I urge the good people of this Country to let us put all that behind us and move on us one Nation. Let us harness our ideas for economic gains to better the lots of our people. After all, Ghana is all we have and nothing more. We must recognize the fact that, everybody one way or the other will seek the help of the other from time to time.

The President truly asked the people of Ghana to change him from the spare driver or care-taker President to a full driver which we accepted and actually converted him into the main driver. I commend the people of this Country for exhibiting yet again another decency and decorum in our electoral process. It is almost inevitable to conduct elections in Africa without some few pockets of violence but praised the people for the negligible skirmishes reported. This poll has added another milestone to the widely recognized reputation Ghana had carved for herself in terms of conducting elections.

I must also say that, the security services have done extremely well with the way and manner they handled the security situation during the voting. They deserve a rousing applause just as the electorates. Ghana has come a long way by the nationalistic and patriotic tendencies we always espouse anywhere we find ourselves. It is clear Ghanaians are admired and cherished by other nationals especially Africans for our level-headedness. This is a pride moment for every Dick, Tom and Harry in Ghana to fathom the relative peace inundated with and the deep rooted democracy we practice. Indeed, Ghana is the “BLACK STAR” of Africa.

Praise and thanks must also go to the clergy who relentlessly strewn prayers by asking the mercies of God to be upon us throughout this trying moment. The Peace council must be recommended for such indefatigable role they played in bringing these polls to a success. It is worth noting that, the prayers offered by both Muslims and Christians alike to usher in these elections indeed is answered by God. Those who are Christians should make it a point to go for thanks giving service and the Muslims, traditionalist and others must also do same. God is always by our side in most of the things we do and must always accord God His gracious accolade.

The civil society organization who contributed in diverse ways to the successful completion of these elections cannot be over emphasized. I urge these groups to keep their heads above the waters and try not to succumb to any political pressures in the discharge of their duties. We must do all that we could to protect the trust and integrity embedded in these independent organizations to continue to contribute and hold high the beacon of peace for mother-Ghana. Ghana is blessed with beautiful people who love nothing but PEACE, PEACE and PEACE.

May God continue to bless Mother-Ghana.

Kashaa Nuhu.