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Opinions of Monday, 9 May 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Challenges are there but President Mahama must continue!!

One of the attributes of every country’s development is the roles each and every citizen plays. We live in a world that has classes but that doesn’t mean other people’s role are more important than others. We all have roles to play.

We have a duty to make our countries a better place. We give our abilities and skills no matter our status in our communities. We should strive to see positives in our communities despite the challenges. We should always long to tell others the good things our communities or country have.

I always say positive things about my community/country because people already know the bad things which 70% of them are/is not true. You don’t need to be the Minister of Tourism or Foreign Affairs to do it. You just need to be you. You just need to be happy with any positivity associated to/with your land, community or country.

I know people who always read news online or in papers just to look for bad news about their communities or country. My question is always. Why? My answer is always. I don’t know.

Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Why don’t you tell someone who doesn’t know about it. Don’t wait for negative things to happen so that you can tell others about what your community or country is all about.

It breaks my heart that we have to wait for BBC or other world leading news networks to tell us about our economy when we have people who claim to be economists. You are not an economists or politician when things are not going well for your country. People need hope, not doom.

Challenges are there in every country but it is the positives which push us to do something good for our society. You Just need to be You.

We only have one Ghana, we only have one Africa, No matter how far we are we are needed to do something. No matter how difficult our situations are. We are needed to step up and make every word we speak to make us strong and aid us in encouraging investors to our great land.

We maybe in Ghana we may be in another country but let us make sure our deeds and words add value to the development of our communities in our country.

You just need to be you. Say something nice about your country. Ibrahim Hardi,contact: 0208235615 email;