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Opinions of Thursday, 19 December 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Can an Occupant (Asantehene) of the Golden Stool be Destooled?

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??Yes, an Asantehene can be removed from office for serious acts of omissions and commissions admissibly tantamount to infringement on Asante traditions and cultures. When he grossly defies the will, aspirations and expectations of his subjects, he could be removed from office.?I am putting out this publication because I did promise in one of my earlier publications to name instances where some Asantehenes have been destooled. It has always been the belief among some Ghanaians in general and Asantes in particular,that chiefs, especially the Asantehene, is appointed for life and therefore cannot be destooled regardless of any injurious gross misconduct of theirs. ?There are precedents where some Asantehenes, the occupants of the Golden Stool have been forced out of office.

They were:?Nana Osei Kwame who occupied the Golden Stool from 1777 – 1797. He was merciful, had an aversion for human sacrifice and wars. He had secretly converted to the Muslim faith and consequently, he was destooled in 1797.?Nana Kofi Karikari occupied the stool from 1867 – 1874. He fought the Sagranti War of 1874 that culminated in the collapse and destruction of the Asante Nation. Subsequently, he was destooled for visiting such a catastrophic defeat on the Asante Nation at the hands of the British. Nana Osei Mensah Bonsu was the occupant of the stool from 1874 – 1883. He was accused of "chickening out" when he was urgently required to go to war with the British. He was removed from office for portraying that act of cowardice.?I do not intend to write comprehensively about the named Asante kings that were forced out of office. I have been very brief in proving to the "doubting Thomases" that no matter how strong, wicked and tyrannical an Asantehene is, once he so annoyingly breaches the tradition that makes him king, the subjects can remove him from office whether it is against his personal wish or not.?Any position on earth that is bestowed on any individual by society can be removed at a point in time when the person to whom it is bestowed violates the terms of the agreement. This is food for thought.?Therefore, our current chiefs and kings whose actions are deemed suspect, are working against the general interest of their subjects must take a cue from what happened to their predecessors mentioned above. No Asantehene is indispensable. No condition is permanent. A word to the wise is enough. ? YOU CAN HATE ME FOR TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. IT IS YOUR OWN CUP OF TEA!?I wish all Ghanaians, especially those seeking the best interest of the majority of Ghanaians, a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year.? ?

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