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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Corruption In Ghana - 1957-1966

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Founder of the Nation. First Ghana Prime Minister and the First Ghana President who led the Nation to Independence through grassroot mobilization and was arrested and imprisoned by the then Governor of the Gold Coast on the 22nd January 1950 at the famous James Fort Prison for declaring SELF GOVERNMENT NOW can never be forgotten by Africans. Dr. Nkrumah wanted to use the young people of Ghana including this writer to work for a NEW GHANA in which everyone would have a fair chance. Therefore, we the young people who supported Nkrumah were members of the Committee on Youth Organisation (C.Y.O) where this writer left to Join the Young Pioneer Movement, a very powerful and Patriotic Organ of the erstwhile CPP government. It will be recalled that Dr. Nkrumah declared positive Action on 8th January 1950 and was arrested and put in prison until he was elected as a Member of Parliament for Accra central while in prison. He obtained 23, 122 out of the total votes cast, and that was the largest votes anyone had never polled before in the history of Ghana. What did the colonial secretary and the Governor of the Gold Coast do? ANSWER. They had no option, and could do nothing else than to release the Great Osagyefo, the Peoples man unconditionally and so, on 12th February 1951, the gates of James Fort Prison were opened and Dr. Nkrumah stepped out gallantly. Two days later, he was invited to the Christiansburg Castle by the colonial Governor to form a government and he became leader of Government Business because of the massive victory of the great CPP at the polls in 1951, 1954 and even 1956 – I mean the CPP beat the dreaded “National Liberation Movement (NLM) with “mate-meho” as its local name in all those elections because the CPP had branches in every hamlet, cottage, village, town and city throughout Ghana. The rest is history as the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah died as a RESPECTED NATIONALIST AND AN HONEST PAUPER WHICH MOST AFRICAN LEADERS HATE. IF YOU DOUBT IT, JUST SHOW ME A SINGLE PLOT, HOUSE OR ANY LANDED PROPERTY OWNED BY THE LATE DR. KWAME NKRUMAH IN GHANA AND ABROAD. IT DOES NOT EXIST. NO AFRICAN LEADER WILL LIKE TO DIE AS A PAUPER LIKE DR. NKRUMAH. I AM YET TO SEE ONE.

The CPP government under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did not spare or shield its ministers of state, District Commissioners as today’s MMDCE’s were known under the CPP government. Dr. Nkrumah decided to dismiss his ministers of state during the afternoon news – the Famous One O’clock news bulletin; and every District Commissioner Minister of State glued their long ears to the Radio during the One O’clock news between 1957 – 1966.
At times, some ministers and District Commissioners were DISMISSED while addressing CPP rallies or commissioning projects others were dismissed on radio while standing on the same political platform with Dr. Nkrumah just as Jerry Rawlings also behaved during the PNDC era from 1982 – 1992. Other appointees of Dr. Nkrumah were dismissed from office while returning from treks, in the rural areas.

Dr. Nkrumah’s vision was so extra-ordinary that WHAT HE SAW SITTING DOWN, BOTH HIS LOCAL AND BRITISH CRITICS AND AMERICAN ENEMIES COULD NOT SEE STANDING UP, so when Dr. Nkrumah published that famous factual book entitled” Neo-colonialism, The Last stage of imperialism” in which he explained in very simple English to Ghanaians and Africans in general, the United States government was offended and she used her dreaded C.I.A operatives namely William C. Trimble the then State Departments West African desk, Mr. Rusk, Mr. McCone and Mr. G. Mennen Williams who wrote a MEMO TITLED; PROPOSED ACTION PROGRAM FOR GHANA. Their work started on 6th Feb. 1964, two good years before that bloody coup de tat on 24th Feb. 1966.
Therefore, the real people behind that bloody coup de’tat in February 1966 were NOT COL. KOTOKA, MAJOR AFRIFA AND OTHERS BUT THE AMERICANS WHO BRIBED THE COUP LEADERS WITH 13MILLION DOLLARS before drawing up” THE INFAMOUS NKRUMAH PROJECT” led by William P. Mahoney. Col. Kotoka and Major Afrifa were cowards who could not have overthrown Dr. Nkrumah by themselves, however, they managed to SELL GHANA OVER A DINNER TABLE TO THE BLUE EYED LONG NOSES OF BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES AND GHANA’S OFFICIAL CORRUPTION STARTED FROM THERE AND CONTINUED UN-ABATED UNTIL JUNE 4, 1979 AND THE 31ST DECEMBER REVOLUTION IN 1981.
Corruption was temporary stopped at once during the June 4 Uprising in 1979 where thousands of TAX DODGERS RUSHED TO PAY MILLIONS OF EVADED TAXES TO THE STATE which they failed to pay with impunity. After the Young Army Patriots of June 4 who were all junior army officers handed over to Dr. Limann in 1979,the HAWKS in the PNP Party Headquarters led by its Chairman and PNP parliamentarians were up in arms against former President Limann. Instead of solving the internal problems of the then ruling government and the PNP party and its members of parliament Dr. Limann rather set the Military Intelligence (MI) operatives, Special Branch Operatives, the C.I.D on members of the June Four Movement while a 24hour surveillance was placed on the People’s Man, Jerry Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata on the orders of Britain. Dr. Limann my Northern Brother had to go when the 31st December Revolution was launched and it was massively supported by ALL GHANAIANS because the ground work was done by members of the June Four Movement including this writer.
however, I will not disclose all the TACTICS we used to outwit the dreaded security dogs of Dr. Limann’s internal security operatives who were even ordered to SHOOT AND KILL ON SIGHT. Between 1980 to 30th December 1981.
Corruption was DRASTICALLY REDUCED FROM 150% before the 31st December Revolution to 1% between 1982 – 1989 by the PNDC government. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, quickly threw her weight behind the Revolution by forming the 31st December Women’s Movement and with their Red Berets, Ghanaian Women were liberated totally through the 31st December Revolution as the Movement ensured that the PNDC Law 111 was signed into Law as well as the Intestate Succession Law among others. The rest of the famous senior cadres of both the June 4th and the 31st December Revolutions were General Arnold Quianoo,, Comrade Kofi Portuphy.W/O II Salifu former Western Regional Organising Assistant of CDR’S and Comrade Anane Binfoh, Brong Ahafo Regional Organising Assistant. As I speak, he is now a BLIND MAN with wife and children, and I beg to ask a question thus: Is that his reward for his extreme sacrifice during the TRYING TIMES OF THE 31ST DECEMBER REVOLUTION? Now, only a few cadres including this writer really think about him today 2013 and beyond, but we are penniless. This explains the reason why some of us have no patience with the later day Saints in the NDC who believe like the NPP that deception, backbiting, lies and character assassination in the party in government are the BEST VIRTUES IN LIFE. Come on, it is now or never, the NDC as a party must move forward as a grassroot party and not as an, ELITE PARTY NO MATTER WHAT. Ask Comrades Jerry Rawlings Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, Captain Kojo Tsikata, George Agyekum, Addo Aikins, Nana Addo Akins, P.V. Obeng, Kwesi Ahwoi, Asaase Gyimah, Yaw Akrasi Sarpong, Kwasi Oppong Fosu, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, W/OI Adjei Boadi, Fui Tsikata, Tsatsu Tsikata, Michael Agbotui Sossoudis, Goosie Tannoh, Tweretwie Opoku, Sam Garbah, Mr. Kofi Portuply, Daniel Ohene Agyekum, Dr. Obed Asamoah, Mr. Dan Abodakpi,W/OI Salifu (retired) Western Regional Organiser of the CDR’s, Mr. B.B.D. Asamoah , Johnson Asiedu Nkatia, Mr. Kwame Dwemo Kesse (K.D.K), Col. (rtd) E.M. Osei-wusu, Mrs. Cecilia Johnson, Mr. Yaw Obimpe, Mr. Biadela Mortey Akapdzi, Mr. Seidu Adams, Mr. Alex Bempong Marfo, Mr. Martin Amidu of the Police C.D.R’s, Mr. Yaw Boateng Gyan, Mr. Huudu Yahaya, Mr. Martin Amidu and several others whose names cannot be mentioned here as to how they managed to help the PNDC stop corruption from 150% under Dr. Limann’s PNP government to only 1% under the PNDC government led by Comrade Rawlings. I am saying that it had not been easy from1982 to 1992 when the NDC was formed, so what are some people talking about?

Ex-President J.A. Kufour told Ghanaians that when you become the President of Ghana-People rush to give you bribes waa,waa waa- and a 41year old farmer Bribed him with 41million old Ghana Cedis to renovate his private residence in 2001. Kufour bought 12 plots of land at Ridge, a suburb of Kumasi for GH¢4,000. During the Ghana At 50 anniversary celebration a man shaved his beard at a Saloon for GH¢63,000 and went scot free. Several official incriminating documents were removed by former ministers of the NPP and sent to their private homes to avoid detection and possible persecution. Several acres of Government lands were bought at give away prices by former ministers, MMDCE’S and top party members of the NPP- on coming to power, the late Professor Mills told all NDC members TO LET IT BE-BECAUSE VENGEANCE IS THE LORDS. As a disciplined political party. All NDC members obeyed the late President unwillingly any way, because members of the NPP are all over the place accusing the NDC government led by President Mahama as very corrupt, by they (the NPP) members have forgotten that they put this nation on trial for 8 good months at the Supreme Court challenging the election results, so 8 months have been wasted by the gov’t because he is a DEMOCRAT that is the reason why he has directed the Attorney General to prosecute all suspected public officials who are found to be culpable- what else does the NPP expect the President to do next? Corruption is in its worst form in the body politic today as the Public Accounts Committee have been exposing scores of ROTTEN DEALS AT THE VARIOUS MINISTRIES IN GHANA. THE ATTORNEY GENERAL MUST LET THE AXE FALL ON THOSE MILKING THE NATION DRY NO MATTER WHOSE OX IS GORED- WHY BLAME PREZ. MAHAMA?
To Comrade Gilbert Abeiku Santana Aggrey- we all saw the great efforts that you made during the 2012 general elections that enabled President John Mahama to use only 40days to beat Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP hands down with 99% support of Ghanaians, so if you really know those VAMPIRES in the President kitchen cabinet kindly expose them without fear or favour since several people including this writer put their lives on the line just to ensure the victory of Prez. Mahama, so do it without fear. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii”. Aluta Continua!
Clement Sangaparee
United Cadres Front

All Media Houses
Accra / Ghana