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Opinions of Friday, 14 October 2011

Columnist: Abubakar, Mubarak

Can The Samia Led CPP Be A True Change?

It has been a month and some few days when the Convention People's Party successfully went to the Accra International Trade Fair Centre to elect new leaders of the party. The Euphoria, enthusiasm and gladness with which delegate voted the new leadership headed by Hon. Samia Nkruamah was an indication that the people were looking for real change in the CPP and Ghana entirely. In fact it cannot be overlooked that apart from Mr. Ivor Greenstreet who managed to retain his position as General Secretary, all other Leaders of the party were changed right from Mr. Ladi Nyalinder who sought re-election as Chairman to the National Youth Organiser, Kwabena Bomfeh (Kabila) who for some reasons, best known to him could not attempt seeking re-election.

Indeed most of the then aspirants, both those who won and those who lost, campaigned for change in the party and on a prima face note, one can confirm that the change was largely achieved. It is now left for the CPP to transform that Change into action. It cannot be understood why the new Leadership of change, after over a month in office seems not to be acting with any sense of urgency at all. It can also be recalled that, one of the many issues that was raised by aspirants was the issue of late congress that had affected the party so much in the past. One would have expected that the new leadership would have quickened their steps to avoid late congress this time round. We have heard, we keep hearing that meetings upon meetings are being held regularly by the executives, yet nothing seems to be happening. Members in the constituencies are largely unaware and uninformed of any programmed outline for action so they can also support.

Every political party in Ghana is formed with the ultimate aim of winning power. *If a party has the best policies, idea, intentions and programmes but fails to win power, that party cannot have the opportunity to execute or implement such ideas and thus cannot be useful to the good people it seeks to serve.*

Ghana is going into polls in less than fifteen months from now and the CPP has no single parliamentary candidate elected in any constituency to start campaigning, not to talk of the presidential aspirants. Nana Akufo Addo was elected as flag-bearer over a year ago; President Professor John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills has also been endorsed by the NDC again. Both the NDC and the NPP have almost closed chapters on businesses of parliamentary and presidential candidates. What could the CPP be waiting for? Is the party waiting for Osagyefo to rise up and come back to tell them ‘*INDEPENDENCE NOW*’ before they realise that there is no time to waste?

A word to the wise they say is enough. Let those who have ears listen. I would want to urge Hon. Samia Nkrumah and her entire team to take cognisance of the fact that if the CPP and the NPP or NDC are on a hundred metre track, the CPP is already disadvantaged by an already taken off contenders. We should better sit up and start working to ensure that we elect very credible, resourceful, and capable parliamentary and presidential candidates immediately so that, they can begin active work now towards a possible victory in 2012. The many meetings and in house activities does not fetch the CPP any vote at all.

*Mubarak Abubakar*

*Bolgatanga Polytechnic*

*CPP - TESCHART Secretary*