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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Can President Mahama Really Fight to Overcome Corruption in Ghana?

I doubt it. It has never been possible for a blind man to lead another blind person
without both falling into the pit. John Mahama is an embodiment of corruption. As a
leader perpetrating corruption, a blind man in this case, how can he turn back to
chastise those following him, copying his corrupt practices, blind persons on the
other hand??
He can simply not be able to fight corruption unless he ceases his corrupt
engagements and aspirations.I hate to see some people arguing in favour of Mahama as
though he is a Saint,while in reality; he is in the driver’s seat driving the
vehicle of corruption in top gear. If he was not as I assert, he would long have
taken up the gauntlet I keep throwing at him to prove his innocence, but he does
not. He knows in his heart of hearts that GOD knows he is corrupt beyond the stretch
of human imagination.?
?Cowards and those wishing for favours in the sight of John Mahama, keep pretending
as if Mahama was corrupt free. Those within the opposition parties that have sold
their conscience, integrity and whatever makes them human beings have joined, or
aspire to join, the NDC corrupt wagon by arguing favourably on behalf of Mahama. I
say, shame on such people sycophants. They have sold their mind, soul and heart to
the Satan for a pittance.?
If Mahama starts cracking the whip when he begins earnestly to fight corruption
which he can’t, the cane will firstly,whack him black and blue before anyone else.
This is because he is the utmost corrupt person in Ghana. Why are the hypocrites not
without balls to tell it to his face, calling spade a spade, but rather choose to
sympathise with him? By such nonsensical stance, how will Mahama ever know his true
reflection in the eyes of the majority of Ghanaians to influence him change??
?Mahama’s enemies are those stomach politicians who do not tell him the truth for
the fear of being side-lined by him. They are also the enemies of Ghana by helping
Mahama and his thieving brigade deplete the coffers of the nation drier than the
Sahara or the Kobi desert. ?
?May the enemies of Ghana, those helping Mahama and his Ghanaian version of the
Arabian Ali Baba and his forty thieves, wreak unprecedented socio-economic and
financial havoc on Ghana perish with their misdeeds. May they suffer the unstoppable
wrath of God! They know themselves. Majority of Ghanaians are suffering but this few
crooks with strangulating power on everyone else want the world to believe
?I shall never cease cracking the whip on the back of these national rogues who are
doing whatever they can to collapse Ghana.
I dedicate this write-up to one woman called ABA, who often phones in to contribute
to programmes held on Sources radio UK FM 96.5 and Online from the United States.
Aba, Rockson listens to you and enjoys your frank and bold contributions. You will
hear me from Sources radio and have the opportunity to see me on Skype from the
studios of Sources radio these coming days.?
?Rockson Adofo?