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Opinions of Friday, 26 October 2012

Columnist: Hon B

Can NPP Provide The Better Life We Need ?

is single spine salary working, NHIS. what happens to education?

The current rancor and its related issues as it unfolds brings to public view critical issues that needs to be looked at before decisions are made by the electioneers concerning the oncoming general elections

The New Patriotic Party (NPP)Presidential hopeful Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has presented himself as a meek and humble candidate who through selflessness has shown great commitment to his party and its policies, though people previously perceived him to be arrogant has proven to be a committed and strong willed man who is much concerned about his people and those who have given off their time and resources to achieve the much better programmes he has for the masses.

Those who have gotten closer to the man Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo have come out to confess and confirmed the true nature of the NPP Presidential candidate by testifying about what he had done for them as a group or people without they even asking for it. Nana Akuffo Addo shows humility when addressing his former boss John Agyekum Kuffuor recognising and following the same unity and oneness that characterises the NPP party as one for all and all for one.

it is no wonder then that people should now realised that He will pursue the policies and programmes that the NPP as a party has and which it deems important for the people. Ghanaians are not to be taken for granted because the people are analytics and take decisions based on what they believe will lead them to a successful life. They watch what is happening and make informed decisions based on that. That’s why election results always sways and changes as time goes on. One thing people should wonder is that the man who will not be Independent of his own decisions and plans who will allow a policy of a former boss which he may not have believed in cant give much since he may not have his own agenda.

There are so many promises from different parties and some seemed to be implemented but we should know that the best is what people must go for. We always make reference to the past when we want to learn from it and also make reliable decisions. When the NPP decided to bring about the school feeding programme for basic schools so were talk of the skeptics but they did it. When the issue of National Health Insurance Scheme was raised, opposition claimed its impossible but when the truth was realised those who wish to claim the credit also started to rancor that it was their idea. Despite the numerous challenges of the National Youth Employment Programme it was implemented. What shows that Senior High School cant be made free.

The NPP came with promises that the NHIS which they introduced will be made a onetime lifetime premium issue, then the NDC also said they will do so. when NDC won they said it will be five years renewal upon every year. No change. There has not been much change to the National Youth Emplyment Programme. The policy was made for a year with the hope that interns will be retained after completion but since companies could not do so beneficiaries were given the chance to renew their period hence the two years. The current government could not wave the programme but rather sacked all the beneficiaries some of whom even voted for NDC because the selection was non partisan based. Then party cronies were put in place. Now people need protocol assistance to benefit from it and the problems of the programme still persist.

The one who introduces a programme can make it better and not any other person. The issue is not to show your face to people and say thank you for selecting me but to increase salaries and reduce school fees so there will be comfortable life. NPP introduced the single spine salary structure and NDC could not implement it. What then was their initiative? NPP will be a much listening government which will surely do something for the teachers and more policies for workers and students let’s not forget the previous educational reform.

The tactics should not be reliant to increase petroleum prices and that of other goods so as to gain votes and increase them immediately you win. Ghanaians are wise.

The road projects NPP left behind are not being implemented well and now characterised with much delays and not so efficient work being done.

People should now look for an initiator , a man who will carry out his promises no matter how bitter people talk about his ideas because those who will criticise the programme are the same who will hail it when they see the benefits NPP has proven it could do it lets now show how smart we could be.

It is not about coming to defend Ministers of state who are scandulous for all manner of abuses of office, like Moses Asaga, Stan Dogbe, Alhaji Muntaka and now the well known Agbesi Woyome .Its not about proving what is forgery or corruption but its all about being straight forward with the truth.

Lets not say I will continue policies of my predecessor when the policies are not laid out but lets say we want the bold and courageous Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo who despite the persecutions still keeps to his promises and will also deliver when he given the nod.