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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Columnist: Simpor, Eric Asiedu

Is Samia For Real Or ...

Is This A Wonder Woman Cartoon Being Played In Ghana?

Samia Nkrumah on Joy FM today made me truly sad and pushed me close to tears. When I heard her with my own ears say that the CPP is “…only active on paper”, I could not believe it! Since 2007, the combined efforts of the Patriots, the Movement and other forces in the CPP have encouraged many young people to join the Party and make it more vibrant and vigorous. The 2007 National Congress held at KNUST in Kumasi hosted hotly contested national executive and presidential elections that shook the foundations of the country. Many were of the view that the CPP was on the ascendency.

Many of us young people jumped in and went to our villages and campuses to spread the CPP message. In September 2008 at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the giant rally at which Samia Nkrumah was first introduced on a platform to Ghanaians made the so-called political giants in the country so frightened that they found their allies in the CPP to plot the disintegration of the Party’s campaign. Perhaps I should not be surprised at this statement made by Samia. A quick search on the internet shows that Samia in the heat of the 2008 elections spoke against the then Presidential Candidate of the CPP and predicted failure for the CPP! The facts are there for anyone to check.
Samia Nkrumah said on radio today that she went into the 2008 election not supported by anyone, not even the CPP on whose ticket she stood. She said that she was an “..independent”! This is the same woman I campaigned for in many villages in Half-Assini. I saw Mrs. Yvonne Nduom the wife of the CPP Presidential Candidate in Jomoro at least two times campaigning for Samia. I saw the Presidential Candidate himself at Elubo, Half-Assini and other places at least three times campaigning for Samia. I went to the Catholic Church in Half-Assini with Dr. Nduom and others even when Samia herself was not there. He campaigned for her even in church. Any wonder that Dr. Nduom got so many votes in Jomoro? I know some of the people who gave money to Samia and wonder what would have happened if other CPP parliamentary candidates had gotten such support. She did not win the seat by herself or by any magic. She cannot make the CPP a winner by this one “..wonder woman” approach.
Indeed, Jomoro had been softened by others including Major (rtd) Akatia Armah who stood on the CPP ticket in Jomoro and was supported at rallies by Dr. Nduom in 2004. The 2008 campaign had started even before Samia showed up and another female candidate was pushed aside by party leaders in favour of Kwame Nkrumah’s daughter. Jomoro was not an orphan constituency in the CPP. By all rights, the CPP should win Jomoro, Ellembele, Evalue Gwira and Agona West at every election.
Also, why should Samia continue to belittle the efforts of all the previous Chairmen of the CPP? Alhaji Farl, Alhaji Asuma Banda, Felix Amoah, Professor Alhassan, Dr. Delle, Mr. Nylander have been chairmen of PCP/CPP in the 4th Republic. They had the task of combining the NIP, PHP, NCP, PNC etc. They largely succeeded. They fought and got the name CPP back and they have kept the Party together. They have made it possible for Samia to have a political platform to stand on. Should she continue to call them failures? Vision-less? Bad leaders? Is it necessary for her to step on these people and paint them with a negative broad brush just so she can become the leader of the Party?
If it is the Nkrumah name she is counting on, we have seen that before. Some of our leaders supported Sekou for the same reason only to have him turn around to call CPP a dead party. She says the Party that got her into parliament only exists on paper. What is the difference between them?
Then there is the constant belittling of the efforts of other people who have won parliamentary seats in the 4th Republic for the CPP tradition. This includes everyone who has won a seat as NCP, PNC, PCP and CPP. Each and everyone worked well on the ground even when the CPP was struggling to find its ground. These people have not been boastful. When in 2000 Freddie Blay became the only one CPP MP, he worked with others to find a way to work to improve the number at least to three. Samia and her supporters should stop this dangerous game! When Dr. Nduom won the KEEA seat, he also won a high percentage of votes for the Presidential Candidate Mr. Aggudey who did not even attend any rally and did not campaign with Dr. Nduom. The CPP had high percentage of Presidential votes in at least 15 constituencies in 2008 including Ellembele (where Dr. Nduom was prevented from mounting rallies).
Perhaps Samia is listening to voices that want to divide the CPP including those who think that Ghanaians are ready for a dynasty and are waiting for a messiah. The CPP is a mass party that believes in democracy, where positions go to those who sacrifice and work for it. Samia should stop the talk that is dividing our ranks. By surrounding herself with those who conspired to disrupt the CPP’s 2008 campaign, I am not surprised at her choice of words. But it is disappointing to me. She is proving not to be a uniting force.
I am just sad, sad, sad. The Osagyefo must be weeping – first Sekou, now Samia.

Eric Asiedu Simpor
CPP Member
Tarkwa Constituency W/R