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Opinions of Friday, 9 November 2018

Columnist: Bawa Mashoud

Add Manasseh Azuri to Otabil, ICGC suit

Manasseh and Mensa Otabil (r) Manasseh and Mensa Otabil (r)

So the man Brother Manasseh could not make comments about his links to the Capital Bank collapse saga because he did not find him culpable even though he (Manasseh) wears a citizen vigilante gown with a heavy machete roaming in town yakking innocent peoples’ shoulders, limps and hands on the media for corruption suspicions and unestablished facts of crime against them has finally been sued for watching over the rot at collapsed Capital Bank?

If Manasseh knows nothing about the whereabouts of the GHC810 million, he would have written to exonerate himself and the pastor.

“Popular preacher, Pastor Mensa Otabil, and his church International Central Gospel Church are among 15 shareholders and directors of defunct Capital Bank sued over the collapse of the bank in 2017.

The Plaintiffs Messrs Vish Ashiagbor and Eric Nana Nipah from PricewaterhouseCoopers say the bank’s collapse was a “direct result of defendants’ misgovernance” and “willful” breaches of banking regulations”. This is the story lead published by Manasseh’s own And he still hasn’t found anything to write about it for his folder but rather he is visiting his cash cow Jospong to tell us what happened in 2013? Cash cow because Manasseh gets paid by his diabolic pay masters when he writes negatively about Jospong.

Anybody who has followed Manasseh over the years in his writings would realize that in every write up he copies what he has written against Jospong years back and pastes it whether it has relevance or not to the new story.

He makes false interpretation of the 2013 inter- ministerial GYEEDA report and exacts judgement on people, especially Roland Agambiire and Jospong thinking readers are dumb.

Manasseh Azure Awuni must have been joined to the suit like the ICGC because he is known to have benefited heavily from the man at the center Pastor Mensah Otabil. Manasseh is noted to have close relationship with the pastor and enjoyed the booty from him during his wedding at the expense of Ghanaians who saved at the bank so why leave him free if the pastor’s head is called? It is nothing less than crime condonement. If the giver is guilty of crime as is said in bribe taking the receiver is equally guilty.

He naively even said he didn’t find anything wrong against the man of God and could not respond to the public outcry for him to say something regarding the attitude of sitting and watching peoples’ money vanish as board chair of the bank.

Manasseh is quick to use intemperate language at peoples’ fathers and mothers at the least suspicion especially our former and current presidents Ex- President John Dramani Mahama and H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo especially Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong a.k.a. Jospong. The onerous faults are that they are suspected of wrong doing and judgement is passed in Manasseh’s head and read in his folder. So people were thinking the Manasseh law court of media trial would have ventured into the Otabil Capital Bank brouhaha but shamelessly he came out rather to say it was not justifiable enough to accentuate blame on the man of God since a competent court of law did not establish such. When and where did this young man learn this from? Can somebody tell him that double edged swords cut both sizes? He should emulate the likes of Franklin Cudjoe and Kwame Aplus. These are true vigilantes who doesn’t care whose ass is goad.

Let me get back to my beef, if I ever saved at the Capital Bank, I would have joined the suit of Messrs Vish Ashiagbor and Eric Nana Nipah and drag Manasseh in to explain his knowledge about the vanished money that was used to loan his pastors church and pay outrageous sitting and travelling allowances to his pastor and others.

Indeed, I would have asked Manasseh through my lawyers to prove that he did not benefit from Otabil before, during and after his gargantuan and celebrated coconut climbing wedding ceremony. I would have asked my lawyers to find out from Manasseh where he thought the goodies and booties were coming from if not the bank, the church or the university? Still our money.

People who sleep with crime and even look like crime are rather the roof top singers of crime against innocent others. When Manasseh requested money and cars from his brother Roland Agambiire and Jospong after the release of the GYEEDA report ostensible to do propaganda for them and they both decline he turn his guns against them since. Yes, let those who are not aware know that, that is Manasseh’s kind of work, blackmail is what does. Recently he tried to blackmail NAM 1 owner of Menzgold to collect money from him at the pretence of protecting him but was turned away. He goes about requesting help from people under dubious means and when they refuse to perpetuate crime he turns against them and pester them around. Indeed, nothing is a secret anymore as you go about taking money from people to blackmail others and get more money. It backfired at your encounter with Jospong because he is God fearing and will not condone such nefarious and criminal acts.

I am cock sure Manasseh wishes the man of God’s name never popped up in this light of financial misuse or dissipation, yes and that’s my candid wish too, I was never happy when the news first broke because Pator Otabil has been a highly respected preacher in our part of the world.

Even you Manasseh you claim you are not corrupt? Go tell that to the marines that you haven’t benefitted from anybody to do these wicked things you do. You are nothing but a mere professional maligning contractor who receives from people to diabolically destroy people they do not like. Your days are surely coming and if I were you I would definitely begin praying for forgiveness from God to have mercy on me and that I will take bribe no more.

If you think H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo benefits from people also go to Adjen Kotoku to experience what Jospong has done there in terms of composting and recycling, go to the Universal Plastics Recycling Plant on the University Farm Road and see bin production by Jospong, go to Teshie and Achimota and see the massive waste transfer stations and how many jobs it creates for Ghanaian youth also visit Kumasi and see the Kumasi Compost and Recycling Plant which is 85% complete by Jospong and come and tell us that he is corrupt.

All these you expected the President to go and stand there and blame Jospong? You could be a bit serious next time.

The foreign companies that take our money to their countries do they even build a single school for us? The jobs Jospong creates does he do that for his hometown people? Do you know the number of people from Bongo where you hail from who earn a living through Jospong? How many jobs have you as an individual create and you go around wishing peoples legacies are destroyed? Manasseh the destroyer, you will sure have your day when Christ returns.

I appeal to the plaintiffs to drag into the suit for benefiting from their hard earned money saved in the Capital Bank.