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Opinions of Sunday, 23 February 2020

Columnist: Efya Baron

Campaign or romance - Efya Baron jabs John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo sandwiched between two ladies Actor John Dumelo sandwiched between two ladies

I have been observing things critically as a University of Ghana student on campus.

One of the things that has triggered me in recent times, is how JOHN DUMELO has started his campaign routine on campus.

As a student of the university, I find it insulting because I see it as a way of flirting rather than a political campaign strategy.

I have also compared both Personalities vying for the position of Member of Parliament of the Ayawaso West Wugon constituency and I have come to a realisation that Mr. John Dumelo's campaign strategy is nothing but romance, flirting and mind games with our female students.

Pictures have gone viral of girls kissing him on his cheeks when he visited the Dr. Hilla Liman hall for a campaign. I don't seem to see any seriousness in his campaign because he doesn't look like someone who would have the constituency at heart when voted into office but an individual who only seeks POLITICAL POWER for the sake of FAME.

Comparing him to the incumbent MP, Maa Lydia Seyram Alhassan who has done a lot for the constituency within a period of one year, her achievements are realistic and are very tangible for all to see and benefit from.

Some of them are as follows:

1.Donation of fans to the various halls

2. Donation of WiFi at Commonwealth and Legon hall

3. Borehole at Mensah Sarbah Hall

4. Scholarships to needy students

5. Collaboration with SRC to solve the accommodation problem

6. Provision of street light

7. Donation of 2 motorbikes and security gadgets to enhance security on campus

8. UGRC extra tuition project

9. Engaged students in Entrepreneurship lectures

10. Invested in student businesses

The above are just some of the many achievements Maa Lydia has chalked on campus.

Down to the Constituency

1. One electoral area one Uber (empowering Constituents -job creation)

2. Ongoing constituency hospital

3. Completed roads at:


Roman Ridge


4. Donation of mattresses to constituents affected by heavy rains at Westlands

5. Ongoing drainage system at west lands

6. Provides start-up capitals for traders In the constituency

7. Community center for Bawleshie community

8. Facilitates educational materials for Government school within the constituency

9. Completion of Okponglo Bridge

10. Entrepreneurship scheme for constituents

Call this 10/10....John I DARE you, Mention just 1 initiative you have that all can benefit from....

Mr. John Dumelo, I am sorry to tell you, UG students are elites and your SOCIAL MEDIA stunts are lame.

I am saying this because we are not going to vote based on the fact that we have seen you in movies and you are famous.

We are going to vote on tangible results we have seen so far by comparing you to your Giant opponent.

We are weighing benefits and competency not fame and ability to act on tv screens.

Before I end this short note, I would like to find out from you, Mr. Dumelo, ehen the road right in-front of your residence/pharmacy at Okponglo traffic light SOLUTION PHARMACY, caved in, which caused heavy traffic, accidents and many inconveniences ... WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT IT?And you want us to hand over the constituency to you?


Efya Baron, UG Tescon WoCom