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Opinions of Friday, 9 October 2015

Columnist: Ernest Birmeh

Campaign against societal pressure has just began

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The Chief Executive officer of Think Twice Foundation Ghana (NGO) Mr. Ernest Birmeh, popularly called Dr. Think Twice, has started campaigning against societal pressure in the country. The awareness creation started in the Ashanti region.

It has continued in Eastern, Western, Central and Volta region respectively. The creation of the awareness has been in the form of climbing heights such as storey buildings, with a rope around the neck with display of suicide attempt. He does this to attract the media, general public for his message to be sent across.

What triggered his campaign against the pressure is his sister’s death. His sister was under pressure to marry and give birth. This pushed her to marry a wrongful choice of man, got divorced, became depressed and later on died.

The pressure, ‘when will you marry, when will you give birth, does your manhood works, prove it, how responsible are you without wife or child, one is not ok, what about males or females’ and millions more. Despite good reasons society has, have not helped in anyway. Is a factor to many unplanned born babies, derailments and killing of many talents in children, inefficiencies in our systems in society, corruption, child labor etc.

Currently, he is taking the campaign to Tamale, which will be linked to Upper East, Techiman, which will also be linked to Upper West Region. The final event will be in Accra. The youth who are unemployed, should get ready, as massive employment will come out of the pressure nationwide.

Contact: 0203003178/0264-218556 DR Think Twice