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Opinions of Thursday, 14 May 2015

Columnist: The National Forum

CPP unite for 2016

As NR Elects New Team &
Party Prepares for Congress

"Ghana's only hope out of the present socio-politico-economic predicament resultant from self-inflicted misdeeds and negligence on the part of successive parties post 1966 and 1981 is the Convention People's Party. We are where we are today in dum-sor-dum-dum; rising cost of living; poor health and educational systems; lack of jobs for the teeming youth etc because our governments stopped thinking."

"Ghana needs the CPP and the only way the CPP can ever come back to power is to unite within; Unite with our friends who broke away to form the PPP; Unite with some of our friends who for various reasons legitimate or illegitimate find themselves in NDC and NPP as well as those who have now taken a back stage in Politics. Unity is our surest and safest weapon."

Those were the words of the hopefully next CPP General Secretary, Mr James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr when he took turn to address delegates to the CPP Northern Regional Congress in Tamale.

TNF investigations reveal that the CPP is showing the preparedness to close ranks and unite within and without with forces who demonstrate distaste for the country's present sorry state as well as the great desire to see the reconstruction of Ghana into the formidable force it once was in the affairs of Africa and the World at large.

Mr Bomfeh who is popularly called Kabila with a deep sense of Ghana's political history recounted how Ghana has always been salvaged from the doldrums only by the CPP. He said; "we brought Ghana into being from the shackles of colonialism and imperialism by winning independence in 1957 after long years of struggles against colonial rule that perpetrated heinous crimes against the people of this land."

"Again in 1979 when Ghana had allowed herself to degenerate into a miserable State after long years of unnecessary military interventions it took the CPP, then renamed PNP under the late Dr Hilla Limann to bring a glimpse of hope in 1981 though short-lived under only 27months in office. Our cedis which had fallen so bad got stabilised and began regaining its strength against the foreign currencies like the dollar."

The Northern Regional Congress in Tamale over the weekend saw members of the Party from the neighbouring regions and the national secretariat in attendance to make the congress a delight to watch. The newly regional officers from the Upper West region were there. So were members from the outgoing regional officers from the Brong Ahafo, Upper East and Ashanti regions.

Among the Officers who came from the National Secretariat were; the National Chairman and Leaders Samia Nkrumah, General Secretary Ivor Kobbina Greenstreet, National Women Organizer Hajia Hamdattu Haruna. Among others also from the national office who brought attraction to the Tamale congress included the 2012 flagbearer Dr Abu Sakara Forster, former Chairman Prof. Edmund Delle, Deputy General Secretary Kosi Dedey.

In the end the well-organized congress saw the incumbent Chairman, Alhaji Issa Zoro re-elected to his position as the next regional chairman. The other regional officers elected were Alidu Egala as the 1st Vice Chairman, Ahmed Mohammed Mankana as the 2nd, Nuhu Jingli as the Regional Secretary, Sayibu Abiba as the Women Organizer, Mohammed Hafiz as the Youth Organizer and Nayi Adam Alhassan as the Education Secretary. The regional organizer Hamza Seidu was retained unopposed.

Hon. Samia Nkrumah, charged the newly elected or retained officers to work hard at ensuring that the right things are done to keep the party afloat. She said; "we cannot afford to allow our ranks to be infiltrated by outsiders who only swell our numbers during our internal contests. We need our numbers to reflect in national elections too. We need votes to be counted for the CPP at the polling stations and not at regional or constituency elections of the party alone."

She bemoaned; "It is sad that we see these crowds and numbers during our congresses yet where and when it matters most we are found wanting. That is not good enough."

On his part, the General Secretary said the Regional Executives must work at uniting with the out-going officers where there were changes and those retained must help the new entrants as partners to build on what work has been done so far to grow the party.

"Our strength must be renewed and our readiness to capture power for the good of Ghana made obvious to all. Ghana is watching and waiting on the CPP for salvation to come from us." He added.