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Opinions of Monday, 4 February 2008

Columnist: CPP

CPP and PNC Must Unite To Turn the Tide

2009 will mark the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) .It would be 60 years since a flame of hope was lit on the African continent not just for ordinary Ghanaians, but for the entire race. The CPP emerged to lead the anti-colonial struggle, to fight for independence, and the economic emancipation of Ghana and Africa.

The CPP had a clear ideological vision and programme to transform Ghana into the vibrant economic power that Malaysia is today.

Successive governments since the overthrow of the CPP in 1966 have failed to provide the same vision and programme to transform Ghana.

Today Ghana is at a crossroads, crossroads it has been taken to by the failings of the other two main Parties - the NPP has manifestly failed to deliver on its numerous electoral promises. The standard of living of ordinary people has worsened dramatically since President Kufuor came to power and continuing petroleum price rises, coupled with utility price increases, demonstrate how out of touch and unsympathetic the NPP Government is with the everyday needs of Ghanaians. The callous nature of the rises become even more pronounced when viewed against the background of Billions of Cedis spent on personal political ambitions, Ministerial Cars, when viewed against the Billions of Cedis acquired corruptly through questionable procurement practices , when viewed against the free fuel that Ministers, Regional Ministers. And NPP officials enjoy, when viewed against Billions spent by the President in foreign trips round the globe, and expensive and lavish hotels.

They ask Ghanaians to carry the burden, whilst they themselves are not part of the “Burden Sharing”.

The NPP came to power on the back of public disenchantment with economic mismanagement, corruption and political misrule that was the hallmark of the NDC and its predecessor, the PNDC.

Should Ghana continue to follow the same failed path of the NPP or NDC?, or are Nkrumaists going to present to the long suffering mass of ordinary people a clear alternative based on the aims and objectives of our great party?.

Evidence on the ground shows Ghanaians are yearning for meaningful change with Fresh Leadership once again and are looking up to Nkrumaists for a credible and durable alternative. Nkrumaists are thus presented with a golden opportunity to recapture political power and transform the fortunes of all Ghanaians. Taking the opportunities opened up by the failings of the other two parties would however require bold and urgent strategic initiatives by the PNC/CPP, and the CPP and PNC in the United Kingdom are thus calling on our parties to move with haste to agree modalities for contesting the 2008 elections in an Nkrumahist Alliance leading to full meager soon after. . Nkrumaists across the globe, their friends and sympathisers are yearning for such a united front for the elections leading to full unity soon, and want it to happen now, for they know it is only a united Nkrumaist front that can turn the tide for party and country. The CPP & PNC in an Nkrumaist Alliance must be seen as a necessary strategic step in our quest to unseat the incumbent in 2008. It is also a necessary step for defeating our opponents in the North of Ghana, and indeed win back many of our traditional constituencies across the country.

There is still a need to transform and industrialise Ghana’s agricultural-based economy and to create institutions and corporations in areas like housing, construction, shipping, road transport, fishing and agriculture, to provide jobs for Ghanaians and thus any person or groups of persons who stand in the way of this most noble cause will not be forgiven by the Black peoples of the world, by Nkrumaists and by the masses of ordinary people yearning for a CPP government.

Forward Ever with PNC/CPP Unity, Long Live Nkrumaist Unity, Long Live The great CPP

RNA Akomfrah David Atugiya for CPP for PNC

Communications Directorate –