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Opinions of Thursday, 24 November 2011

Columnist: Razak, Issah Abdul

CPP a Party in Political Coma

When will the problems that have dogged this very great party of us the CPP end? This is the questing on the mind of a great many well meaning Ghanaians of different backgrounds. If it is not factionalism its poor preparation for election. As a political party our main business should be to be as visible in the minds of the electorates as possible so that we can be considered as a viable option to the NDC,NPP.but what is happing right now in our dear party leave much to be desired even among die-hard supporters of the Osagyefo tradition.

In the aftermath of the delegates congress where Hon.Samia Nkrumah was elected as the chairman of the CPP the party has a lot of media exposure and was riding on a lot of goodwill from the electorates who started to see the CPP as a much more serious party and especially the chairman and some of us had great hope that it was the beginning of the rise of our great party to prominence, but due to poor and inefficient management those executives elected have missed that golden opportunity to project the party further by doing nothing after the congress and as such all that hype has died down. We could have used that successful congress to build up momentum to move on the election of flag bearer and continuing to hold primaries to elect members of parliament for our party but we have failed greatly. Whiles other parties are battling out campaign policies we don't even have a flag bearer not to talk of aspiring member of parliament.

If this great party is going to be of political relevance we have to understand that it cannot be built around an individual but around a collective.

Samia Nkrumah alone cannot bring us to power. It will take a lot more than bearing the name of Nkrumah to bring as to any political relevance. We have to do something now to save out dear party. open more doors, embrace descent, concentrate on the party and we shall reach the promised land the Great Osagyefo saw. Long live Ghana, long live the great tradition of CPP.