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Opinions of Saturday, 4 May 2013

Columnist: Abroni, Thomas

CPP – The unshakable political vehicle for ghana

Despite the political slander, victimization and machinations by some few people, it can be nowhere be argued that the CPP is dead after a national campaign team led by the National Chairperson and Leader, Samia Nkrumah, relentlessly presented a strong message to the people of Kumbungu in some few days before the bye-election.

The election of Amadu Moses Yahaya proves a point that the CPP is still strong and alive. His election indicates a renewed hope and activism within the party and sets out an order of vivid direction of its ideology in the Ghanaian politics. A moving vehicle that once led the people of Gold Coast into independence has always been what is usually recommended for restructuring the country and one can simply adduce that the by-election in Kumbungu which saw the election of Amadu Moses Yahaya points to some level of seriousness led by the Samia-led administration.

This victory has surprised most political commentators and certainly the NDC would still wonder how the CPP was able to lash them in such contest. For those who think that the boycott by the NPP in the elections was a major factor for the victory of the CPP can only reduce their political knowledge and dumped into the political dust bin. All the electorates in Kumbungu had one thing in common despite their political differences. The common thing among them, whether they were previously NDC or NPP, was that they listened to the message of the CPP. Many confirmed that the message is what as for years these so-called big parties have not been able to provide. The CPP candidate was popular and a dedicated member of the community. Deep throats in both NDC and NPP attest to the fact that the radical campaign by the CPP in a well-organized manner led them into victory. The youth of the party campaigned in all corners of the constituency by interacting with the different sections of the people on the party’s clear-cut message for social change. It is described that they articulated clearly Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s hope for Ghana to various people irrespective of class, body size, dress, age or sex.

The CPP candidate, Mr. Amadu Moses Yahaya, polled 13, 039 votes whiles his strongest contender Alhaji Imoro Yakubu Kakpagu of NDC had 11, 896 votes when the Electoral Commission declared the final results.

Now that the CPP has again found a seat in Ghana’s parliament, it will be good for all to help support the CPP to present a credible Nkrumaist political position on policy matters since there are indications of another mal-administration of the NDC under President John Mahama.

It would be re-called that in the early month of January this year the National Chairperson and Leader of the Party tabled a Five Point programme of transformation for the party’s reconstruction, following its performance during the 2012 general elections. A key point has to do with entrusting more responsibilities to the CPP Youth in carrying out this programme of transformation. The party youth has since then been highly effective in the activities of the party not even to talk about their role in the Kumbungu by-election.

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