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Opinions of Tuesday, 19 November 2002

Columnist: Aidoo, Prince Junior

CPP Sleeping like a sleeping Giant

Our Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah continues to weep in his grave when hearing from a former Presidential aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr. George Oposika Aggudey, on the 21 September saying that the party stands the brightest chance of winning the 2004 polls and forming the next political administration in January 2005 after the party has slept for over 36 (thirty six) years.

This is a shame for all the leaders of CPP in this respect. It is a shame for them to be boasting of themselves claiming to be holding the “FIRE” of their beloved leader Kwame Nkrumah high. His statement is ridiculous and uncalled for.

CPP is sleeping like a sleeping Giant in a detention cage, and this is the reason why Nkrumah may be weeping in his grave to hear this from his helpless disciples.

The messiah is gone and his disciples have scattered.

What a shame to hear him as an intellectual and other leaders like Dr. Abubakar Alhasan, Prof. George Payin Hagan saying that after 36 years they are now “Considering the Yearnings of the electorate for the return of the CPP to manage the economy saying that they are strongly convinced that the party will upstage all political parties which will contest the next elections to reshape the social and economic direction of the country’.

Someone out there should ask them, “With what concept and strategy do they have at their disposal after sleeping for over 36 (thirty six) donkey years?”

I can assure those sleeping Giants that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, may be weeping in his grave to have left his struggle to disciples who never understood his vision and have no concept whatsoever to continue his crusade for freedom and justice. A popular party like CPP, well known in the African history, is still sleeping like a Giant because their leader is dead since 36 years ago. Their spirit wishes to come back to power, but their flesh is weak.

It is a pity to hear them saying that developments on the party’s front regarding the assertiveness of the leadership to snuff out attempts by elements described as renegade politicians within its ranks to mortgage it to other political forces have re-awakened the enthusiasm of the members for its activities. “The leadership of the CPP, which has been entrusted with the mandate by the rank and file, has learned its lessons (after 36 years) the hard way, and will not allow a few elements who have a demonic agenda to dismember the front to have their own way”.

This is what we call “Bla Bla Bla” sweet talks. This is just a ridiculous political pronouncements.

The former presidential aspirant said considering the preparations that the party has made to maintain existing supporters and woo back those who have joined other political parties, the CPP will definitely fight and win the next polls. He said the fact that political parties on the country’s political scene wish the CPP to form an electoral alliance to contest the 2004 elections indicates “the fears entertained by such parties that the CPP will cause a major upset by winning the next parliamentary and presidential elections.” Someone out there should ask them what do they have that can create fears in other contestants?

This really a political bluff that can be accepted by low-minded voters. Ghanaians are no more kids to be FOOLED by such words.

Mr. Aggudey said the social and economic prescriptions of Dr Nkrumah have and will continue to have impact on the country’s development, adding, “the enormous suffering that country is going through is because it has skipped solutions prescribed by Nkrumah for solving her problems.”

“BRAVO”. This is what I am particular about to hear from him at long last admitting their failure and shortcomings. Someone out there should ask Mr. Aggudey whether he is serious with Ghanaians? Has he now after 36 donkey years realised that the suffering that country is going through is because it has skipped solutions prescribed by Nkrumah for solving her problems?.” Give me a break Mr. Aggudey. You have failed the people and the CPP supporters in advance.

I heard him saying that “CPP will make an impact in the 2004 elections whether you like or not. He claims that CPP is the party that has the brightest hope in the forthcoming elections. Did I heard him right? Saying: “Whether you like it or not”? This is a compulsory statement and I want to know from him what should be done to him if CPP fails to win the next election?

It is time to get rid of all such empty barrels politicians from the party and wake up those sleeping Giants from their slumbers and to prove that they are capable of piloting the party to victory in all future elections. Poor CPP leaders.

The Victory:

The victory is at their door-steps and they are so blind that they even sweep it with their daily brooms and cast victory in their dustbins. They sit on their fences, whiles others show indifference towards the party because impression has been created that CPP is divided. CPP is not only divided but they are sleeping a little while like Giants. These are the so-called political intellectuals. They are of no use.

I head him saying “We have washed our dirty linen for far too long, thereby allowing ourselves to be ridiculed by people who are not members of our party”.

Ironically CPP leaders, for lack of Wisdom, knowledge and foresight, they have rather started condemning a party which was born on their legs like NPP government, saying that NPP has already started on false note resulting in the high cost of living for the ordinary Ghanaians, and added that like the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the NPP government is also begging foreign investors to establish industries to create jobs for the people. Someone out there should ask those sleeping Giants, those empty barrels, when they got up from their sleeping dens to realise that NPP government is now a beggar? Have they anything better to offer than such ridiculous accusations? Where were they when NPP/NDC were being formed? It might be they were out of the country at the time.

It’s no wonder that those empty sleeping barrels is said that due to indiscipline in the party, have now start accusing others for their own selfish ends. Some members who do not contribute anything to the party are said to be criticising and insulting officers both at the national and regional levels. Yes, they have to.

Why are they insulting them? This is simply because they find them to be empty politicians without any concept. They are a disgrace to a popular party like CPP. They even deserve serious punishment for failing to establish the social democratic principles laid down by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah which could have made it possible for this generation to have had free education as those empty barrels had. These present leaders have no concept and nothing to give to the nation. They are rather talking and shouting CPP?s slogans at their mouth-lips. They deserve to be casted into the deep sea. We shall deal with them very soon.

I Prince Aidoo Junior, an unknown citizen of Ghana, if I am consulted, I can prove beyond doubt that I am capable of showing CPP the way Kwame Nkrumah had wanted the country to be. I can as well show them the strategy they need to win any election in Ghana now. This is a promise, and I hope those sleeping Giants will not take my reaction as an insult but to take it seriously as a constructive criticism and take “ACTION” now or else I can assure them they will sleep for another 30 (Thirty) years.

Prince Aidoo
Ghana Social Democrats
West Germany.

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