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Opinions of Friday, 1 May 2015

Columnist: Nkunim, Yaw

CPP: Sculpting the new day

Ghana and Africa are once again at the crossroads of destiny. This axis of crossroads is however distinct from the past ones successfully crossed at the junction of slavery and colonialism. The peculiarity of these crossroads is the fact of historical currency at our disposal. Secondly, the full knowledge of where the four roads converging at the crossroads lead is unmistakably clear.

The road behind us, which we have painfully but successfully conquered is full of chaos. It is the road of slavery and colonialism. We can not go back on that road. The only thing we must do with that road is to draw from the experience as a guiding principle. Indeed, it is from that road that we as a people have demonstrated our resilient and indomitable spirit. We have overcome the most barbaric cruelty the human race can ever be subjected to.

The last segment of this road has been the wilderness we are on the brink of leaving behind. It has been equally chaotic but providence blessed us with manna. We are very grateful. Apart from the historical experience, what transpired on that road must be transformed into inspirational strength. The road behind us is bad. It must be forever blocked.

The horizontal road, which splits into two at the center, east and west, are tempting but must be avoided at all cost. It is a serpentine bait. Taking either of these roads will align and malign us into perpetually dependent people. We are an eagle nation. We must soar and fly in the highest realms independently. Both NPP and NDC, 'Aki' and 'Porpor', alias Ata Payin and Kakra of Ghana politics, have pathetically fallen to these two serpentine horizontal roads. Thus far they have brought us needs no elaboration. Just a little illustration maybe necessary to make the picture clearer.
Whilst CPP leads by giving power, energy, light for a movement of development, NDC and NPP drain us of this vital power, energy, light into a darkness of backwardness.

In the decoy of their real character of seeming to provide some power, energy to our development, NDC and NPP are stripped bare to their nature of facade. A vivid symbolic reference is the empowerment and energy CPP gave us through decolonization of Africa and Akosombo, delivering surplus energy for our neighbors. How come with Bui and the thermal pants, NPP and NDC have plunged us into such depth of darkness? They simply do not have a plan. NPP and NDC are stuck on the deceptive horizontal plane of roads at the crossroads we find ourselves. We must leave them behind, just like the road of slavery and colonialism.

The road upfront is the road not taken in our modern history. This road leads to the promised land. It is the road facing forward. CPP started off on this road of great promise. CPP boldly proclaimed to the world, 'We face neither east nor west, we face forward!' Indeed, CPP's slogan, 'Forward ever, Backwards never', clearly affirms our genuine commitment and capacity to this forward movement.
Just like the geographical grid of republic hall at KNUST, with its green color and sculpture monument of a cockerel in front, CPP is the political grid of African philosophy.

Ghana and Africa can not move forward into the promised land without the CPP philosophical constituency. This is neither wishful thinking nor political abstraction. CPP demonstrated it at the crossroads of colonialism and independence. While CPP was non negotiably propagating for independence, ideological founders of NPP were clamoring for the serpentine horizontal plane of staying put under colonialism. The NDC, in a typical facade of their character, maintained the outlaw clause of CPP at the onset of the Fourth Republic, while falsely posturing as the new CPP. Time has stripped them bare. NDC is simply a Rawlingsist political tradition. They must not once again pay lip service to the release of the unjustly confiscated CPP assets. The NPP was worse culprits in not releasing CPP assets seized by their forebears when the opportunity of national reconciliation was created under the last NPP administration. They must release the CPP assets now!

Only the African Culture and Philosophy can lead us to the promised land. This African culture and philosophy is politically sculpted as the CPP. At the verge of the promised land, CPP must provide great leadership, both party leadership and as a party to lead us forward. Thankfully, congress for the national executive elections beckons. Regional elections are on going. We must elect leaders who are party loyalists and not those whose loyalty are on personality biases and leanings.
CPP needs courageous and magnetic leaders who are ready to sacrifice for party and nation. We must begin the new day with politically knowledgeable, fresh and energetic leadership who will provide service with integrity. Let the youthful CPP energy come to the fore, backed by the invaluable experience of the old. Let the sleeping giant awake to sculpt the new day. CPP, forward ever!!

Author: Yaw Nkunim
Sculptor, Concept Developer &
CPP Member