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Opinions of Thursday, 17 November 2011

Columnist: Salisu, Abdul-Rahman Mohammed

CPP National Congress Now

“The fish is rotten from the head”.

It is quite disheartening to hear from the national chairman of the Convection Peoples Party (CPP) that the National Congress to elect the Flagbearer of the party will come on in March, 2012. This is unfortunate, because the reviewed constitution of the party which was approved and adopted before the National congress to choose the party’s National Executives was emphatic in Article 78 Claus 3 of the constitution that the Flagbearer of CPP must be elected 24 months before the National Presidential Elections. The question to answer here is why NPP and NDC who have the resources to campaign choose their Flagbearer and Parliamentary Candidates more than a year to the elections?

It is high time the leadership of the party do away with their parochial and individual interest and to seek the interest of the rank and file of the membership of the party. The Committee of the party consists of able and intelligent people who must sit up and guide the leadership from deviation.

The party as an organization consists of stakeholders, thus the National Executives, Central Committee Members, and the Electorates.

The Electorates are the most important of these stakeholders and the Electorates are like the proverbial worm in the adage that “The early bird catches the worm”.

Party organization is not about individual interest, it is about collective interest. It is therefore necessary to forget about individual interest and seek the interests of the party and the Electorates.

The People (Electorates) in the country are suffering and desperately need a well organized party to salvage or redeem them from the ‘fangs’ of the so-called big parties (NDC,NPP). This is the time for ‘old’ guards and the ‘new’ guards to solemnly reflect on the past performances of the party and take a new resolution to make CPP a winnable party come 2012 to redeem the suffering masses.

What was the fate of CPP in the 2008 general Elections? Are the Flagbearer loosers going to collect their furniture from the party’s office or they are going to refuse to campaign for the party? Let us forget about these hypocritical stands and know that we are members of the same party irrespective of our personal differences. We must not behave like ‘ostriches’?-We are either with CPP or without CPP.

The party lacks national character because there is no Flagbearer. Opinion polls conducted on the chances of political parties in the country do not know where to place CPP? The leadership should not sit at one place and talk ‘plenty’. Action speaks louder than words.

“A word to the wise is enough” and again ‘a stitch in time saves nine.

Comrades, the image of the party is gradually dwindling, let us all come on board and redeem it.

Forward Ever Backwards Never.

Together we build, Together We Win


Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Salisu

(Education Secretary-N/R) 0241530192 / 0209019074