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Opinions of Thursday, 5 January 2012

Columnist: Nduom, Papa Kwesi

CPP, Leave Us Alone For We Look Forward Only!

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom who until recently, was the flagbearer for the CPP during the 2008 presidential elections has announced that when the Convention People’s Party (CPP) opens its nominations in January to elect a Presidential Candidate, he will not participate in that process because, in all human endeavours, it is important to know when to change course to obtain a positive result.

Considering the fact that, some people are not comfortable with the decision made by Dr Nduom, and may want to engage in lamentable litany of cheap insult and denigration, mud-slinging and abject diatribe, with total impunity, the Progressive Movement is entreating all its supporters and well wishers to use temperate language and avoid engaging in insulting our opponents.

We wish to remind all G hanaians especially members of the CPP that Chapter 5, article 12 clause (1) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana permits Freedom of Association and respect for fundamental human rights. In light of this, CPP flagbearer aspirants should focus on how to win the contest and open the floodgate for the so-called millions of people to join and stop pestering us about CPP matters. The CPP should tend their garden and we will tend ours. We believe that good fences make good neighbors.

We want to further state that, this is the time to look forward and forward only, to a new and different political dais which is ready to give Ghanaians an alternative that is progressive and different in all aspects. Our Progressive Movement believes in running an insult free campaign, sharing innovative ideas and carrying a big vision for the positive transformation of Ghana. All our supporters should focus their energy on what a Progressive government and an Nduom Presidency can bring to Ghanaians come January, 2013.

Long Live the Progressive Movement
Long Live Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom
Long Live Ghana

Office of Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom
Paa Kow Ackon
4th December, 2011