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Opinions of Sunday, 8 May 2016

Columnist: Asieme, Emmanuel

But for your mother, where would you have been

It was a blissful Sunday morning, when the devil of sleep denied me my right to worship in church. But for the crowing of the cock, I would have slept till thy kingdom come. Upon waking up from bed, I clutched the nearest branch of a neems tree, sat at the direction of the moon to embrace vitamin D from the sunlight while brushing my teeth.

As I sat in isolation, I suddenly invited reflection and befriended brainstorming. The magnificence of my heart reconciled with the suffering of our mothers. Indeed, today is mother’s day. A day set aside to honour our mothers for their enormous role.

Have you not imagined where you would have been without mommy? She is the reason why you have registered your name on earth. With a deliberate and determined effort, she single handedly nurtured the seed that was planted by your father nine months ago before you were born. She suffered the pain alone when the time was due for harvest. The whispering of the beds faded-off suddenly due to her loud outcry during labour. It was a moment of pain and unripe sweat. A moment of life and death, but mommy’s love for your life invoked the listening ears of heaven to guarantee you a living. Haah!!! It is only appropriate to say thank you mommy.

I quite remember the humiliation people exposed you to as you toiled through the scorching sun to put food on the table. Life was almost unbearable when the silent thief of nature denied you a husband. I had just turn nine years, but remember how the downpour of your raining eyes bathed me on the chest as I sat on your laps, watching you reveal your despondency. Obviously, I felt all was lost for me. I thought my education was almost becoming a dustbin of history. I thought you would have ignored us. I honestly felt you were almost right to pick such a move. But to my amusement, you proved me wrong.

Your words of encouragement spurt on my face when you noticed failure running ahead of success, ventilated the positive enzymes of my faith by teaching me that it was never over. Your good wishes brightened my vision and opened the eyes of my heart to victory yet to come. Even when I went wrong, you sat me down and spoke to me like your husband. Your advices would often quieten away my hurt and free me from the bond of failure. Though you never tasted education, you maxim it a taboo to see your children sit uneducated. How on earth can I imagine a mother like you.

As we celebrate mothers today, the corners of my mouth is filled with words of gratitude, but my twitching lips is fast making it impossible for my tongue to utter a word. I am searching my library sentimentally to locate the dictionary of my brain in other to coin an appreciation note to you.

Here is my closing remarks. I know you cannot read, but the world knows how doting it is to have mothers like you. I look at you from all angles and I get inspired to reach for my dreams. Your pains tells me every day to let you gain. I have resolved today to emulate an attitude of gratitude in order to become a substitute for prosperity. I will forever endeavor to be obedient. I will make you proud. Thanks for ever accepting me as your child. All mothers deserves our gratitude

By Emmanuel A. Asieme