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Opinions of Saturday, 8 March 2014

Columnist: Kpe, Divine Komla

“Building a better and prosperous Ghana .....

“ ....through patriotism and national unity”

The theme for this year’s independent anniversary celebration could not have come any time better than this.

Building a Better a Ghana, though when mentioned brings into mind the campaign slogan of the NDC , I deeply believe it is the intention of all to have a better Ghana for ourselves and generations yet unborn and as such the word “Better Ghana” shouldn’t be seen from any political lens. All hands must be on desk to make it a reality.

When I looked at the theme: “Building a Better and Prosperous Ghana through Patriotism and National Unity”, a quote by Zig Ziglar came to mind; “Building a better you is the first step to building a better America”. To make this quote suit the 57th Independent Anniversary celebration, I will frame this quote as; “Building a better you is the first step to building a Better Ghana”. Building this nation is a collective work but that collaboration is actually like the link of a chain. If one link is weak, with time it gets loose or broken and the continuity in which the chain flows is now disjointed. It is obvious that each link plays a role in to have a single chain otherwise the entire chain will be left in fragments. So is the part everyone plays in building this Nation. But the question is; ‘Can you give what you don’t have?’ The answer is very obvious.

I don’t have any formula to tell you how you can build a better you but I believe this quote of Zig Ziglar again can help; “If things are not adding up in your life then subtract”. This is true. To have a better you, do total introspection and ask several questions yourself, ‘What are the things in my life that are not helping my personal development or making it difficult for me to give out my best in anything? You can find out that laziness, unfaithfulness, corruption, dishonesty, immorality and many more are some of them. If we can subtract all these from our lives then things will begin to add up through that you are building a better you and subsequently, a better Ghana. Building a better you will surely involve adding to you the spirit of patriotism. When that is done you see yourself as a team player. The beauty of a team is that all members have same goal. No matter the differences in their ethnicity, languages, political colours or what so ever, they all have a primary aim. Thank God we are football-loving Nation. This will help you understand best the beauty of working as a team.

Team work again embraces unity. As the theme is calling for unity in building a better Ghana, let us remember this Buddhist concept, “Many in bodies but one in mind”. The Holy Book (Bible) put it nicely in 1 Cor. 12:12 “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many are one body: so also is Christ”. For the sake of this write up, I will say ‘So are we also one body in Ghana though different as individuals. We are different people with common goal and that is “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER”.

For long we have depended on other nations to find the way for us out of our challenges and it appears they have failed us but the fact is if we can’t find the way, then let us all join forces to create one ourselves. Africa and beyond have been waiting for long to see the greatness in us as a Nation and we can only do that through the great spirit of patriotism and unity.

We are at TEEN AGE BUILD (TAB) GHANA have one goal and thus is to build our teenagers holistically for the future with the believe that, we must not only build the future for our teenagers but build them for the future as well. That is our small way of building a better Ghana. On this occasion, I therefore edge all members of TAB to uphold hands in unity and a sense of patriotism to work in developing our teenagers.

WE ARE ALL INVOLVED. Happy 57th Independent Day Anniversary to you all. LONG LIVE TAB, LONG LIVE GHANA.

The Writer is the Founding President of Teen Age Build Ghana


Email: +233204749215