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Opinions of Monday, 5 December 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Bugri Naabu bribery saga: NDC putting up stupid defence

Bugri Naabu Bugri Naabu

By Rockson Adofo

The NPP’s Northern Regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu, has by a Press Conference exposed President Mahama and his overwhelmingly rich brother, Ibrahim Mahama, for bribing him. He narrated how they had attempted to bribe, and had bribed, him.

The amount of money (GHC500, 000) deposited into his bank account, a V8 and a V6 cars given to him and the GHC10, 000 and GHC19, 000 funeral donations made to him by the President and his brother respectively, were all revealed at the Press Conference held on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

Bugri Naabu asserted that they offered him all these gifts with the intent to get him defect from the NPP to the NDC. They had asked him to renounce his NPP membership to join the NDC, and then to accuse the NPP of tribal bigotry and other derogatory things all of which have the potential to cost the NPP northern origins’ votes.

Luckily, Bugri Naabu is not the type of person to be induced with bribe to tell lies. He is a clean person, a patriot dedicated to serving his nation and people in absolute honesty and sincerity. He came out to tell the public how and why the NDC have attempted to bribe him.

The timing of his secretly arranged defection from NPP to NDC and the statements they had asked him to make were likely to have disastrous effect on the NPP as regards the votes of those of northern extraction. Their objective was to turn the northerners against the NPP to get them vote massively for the NDC however their plan has been negated by God through the honesty of Bugri Naabu.

Just after the revelations, the NDC have lined up, talking on top of their voices in defence of President Mahama and the NDC claiming Bugri Naabu is rather a liar and that neither the NDC, President Mahama nor Ibrahim Mahama had attempted to bribe him.

Bugri Naabu named the bank and the bank account into which the bribery money was paid yet, these NDC criminals have come out in their numbers trying loudly but fruitlessly, to deny that Bugri Naabu was bribed by them.

I would expect the BNI to invite both Bugri Naabu and President Mahama with his brother Ibrahim Mahama for interrogations regarding this bribery issue as the whole saga borders on crime but which is frowned upon by the Criminal Code of Ghana Act 1960 (Act 29).

Briberies will not save NDC and President Mahama. They will be voted out of power despite all the criminal agreements they might have entered into with Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the Chair of the Electoral Commission.

Change is coming soon like “kakai”