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Opinions of Sunday, 17 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Break the Strangulating Arm of NDC Corruption

Clarion Call to Ghanaians to Break the Strangulating Arm of NDC Corruption ? Supper: Rockson, why are you constantly on the back of the NDC, especially, President Mahama, in whatever he does?

? Rockson: The NDC perceive Ghanaians as fools and President Mahama condones that erroneous perception by way of his outrageous actions and inactions ?

Supper: What actions and inactions of the President are you alluding to?

? Rockson: Are you not a Ghanaian? Do you not have eyes to see and ears to hear all the absurd things that President Mahama has been doing since he became the Vice President of Ghana until today that he is the President, of course with a question mark raised about his election to the presidency?

? Supper: You have not answered me. Why are you beating about the bush instead of mentioning the very actions and inactions of the President that you are not convenient with?

? Rockson: The President is corrupt to the brim. Has he not been filling all top government positions and practically all top civil service and national security positions with his tribesmen? Even if such positions are given on merit, I would not moan that much but he does so purely on some silly notion of "positive discrimination" with intent to raise his supposedly downtrodden place of birth above all other regions in Ghana.

? Supper: Is it all?

? Rockson: No. He benefited financially personally from the purchase of the Embraer aircrafts from Brazil for the Ghana Air force. He abused his position to help his brother acquire a gargantuan loan from the Merchant Bank. However, his brother has defaulted on payment and the bank is almost collapsed. How he collusively arranged to shift his brother’s debt on to the Social Security bank is an open secret. Moreover, look at all his ridiculous dubious deals with SADA in the rearing of guinea fowls, ("nkonfem"), with six hundred birds and twenty eggs to show for an expenditure of GHC15 Million; planting of trees in the north in the peak of the dry season with no single seedling or tree to show for a capital outlay of GHC33 Million. ?

Supper: But this is nothing compared to all the dubious "gang, create loot and share" judgment debt payments Mahama and his government are unrelentingly actively involved in. Innit? ?

Rockson: You’ve said it all. Additionally, look at the propaganda the NDC are doing in attempts to blind the minds of people. Where they have not carried out any essential developments, they will announce to people that they have constructed roads or built schools or hospitals. ?

Supper: True. True. Have you forgotten what Dishonourable Baba Jamal once asked NDC supporters to tell the public? He admonished them to lie to the public about their achievements. He said, "If President Mills buys you an old banger, tell people that he has bought you a brand new 4x4 vehicle. If he buys you a hen or a goat, tell people he has purchased you a cow". This is NDC for you. ? Rockson: How do you find Mahama donating 4 x4 vehicles to chiefs during election 2012 to buy them over? Where did he get the money from? Did he not steal from the national coffers to do that? ?

Supper: He certainly did. He depleted the entire coffers of the nation. That is the reason why he is hyping up taxes and increasing utility bills to urgently raise money to pay government workers and also, to create another cycle of "gang, create, loot and share" ?

Rockson: How many of the Ashanti chiefs did benefit from the cars donated by Mahama? Who are they?

? Supper: I am yet to find out. Anyway, I have to go because my time to go to work is up. For how long are we going to sit by while the shamelessly callous NDC radio phone-in serial callers with the NDC Communication Team members inclusive,continually throw dust into our eyes? God,please we look up to you to smite them with ...

Rockson: With what? Say it.

Supper: No.It's too cruel.

? Rockson: Bye. See you later.

? Supper: See you!

? From the above conversation held with a friend, one can clearly conclude that Ghana is on the brink of economic and financial collapse. For how long are Ghanaians going to sit on their backside, twirling their fingers, hoping for a Messiah to descend from the Heavens to liberate them from the shackles of slavery the NDC has hung around their neck? Many a Ghanaian is talking but they refuse to walk the talk.

? We are dying. For how long are we going to cope with this shameless strangulating thievery in perpetuation by the NDC that is adversely affecting our general wellbeing and eroding the very foundation of Ghana’s existence? It is high time Ghanaians rally together to break that long thieving arm of the NDC before it steals Ghana, auctions it and absconds with the proceeds abroad.

? Do I make any sense to you? If yes, then join me to cry on the NDC and John Mahama to cease the killer thievery they have visited upon Ghana. Until they stop, I shall not let them have any peace of mind. Ghana is not for only a clique of thieves but for all Ghanaians born or unborn,the NDC had better note that.

They are in for big trouble at the hands of Rocky, the Ghanaian voice for the voiceless and defender of the defendless.

Do you hate me for telling you the truth? If you do, I do not care, but will gently advise you to go and set fire to the sea else I shall not stop exposing and condemning the thieves in government until my bones are rotten.

Rockson Adofo