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Opinions of Friday, 28 November 2014

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice

Bravo to Radford FM in Tumu!!! But is that Enough?

My Brothers and Sisters, District Men and Women, Allies and Opponents and Concerned citizens of Sissalas, the stone age mentality and lackadaisical attitude of we the sissalas is hampering our development.

First and foremost let me acknowledge the effort of Radford FM in Tumu of the Upper West Region on their duties in bringing out some vital issues hindering the development of our land.

The lacks comprehending our numerous challenges that confront us, our inability to hold leadership that is so busy doing nothing accountable.

Perhaps rather defending and projecting leaders that sees political office as a means to an end and coupled with greed is the main reason why we are where we are and not where we need to be.

With all seriousness, I'm of the opinionated view that, to be able to transform and change our communities, it must start with eradicating our stone age mentality with conscious and deliberate effort in identifying challenges and waking up our greedy politicians to fix those pressing needs in Sissala East and Mother Ghana at large. All these can only be done if we are able to response to the call and put in some efforts to reach out to people in leadership and hold them accountable.

On this backdrop, others and I are more passionate about seeing Sissala land transform than we are in any other thing else. However, the stone age mentality of we (the sissalas) and uncharacteristic behaviour of Radford FM journalists not to follow-up on issues is appallingly excruciating to sentimental advocate for development people in our land and must be stopped.

Also, their unwilling gesture and inability to follow-up issues brought to their notices aren't helping matters at all. For instance, leadership of Sissala East Young Democrats (SEYD) presented a petition to Radford FM they were to send to the president HE John Dramani Mahama, and copies to the Interior Minister and the IGP to establish a police station on Wallembelle–Wahabu–Kojokperi Road because of the alarmingly high rate at which armed robbers operate freely on the road making it an armed robbery prone-zone.

During one of the robberies on 04/06/2014, the victims who were returning from the market after selling their maize claim they were robbed of over GH ¢ 7000.00. In addition, the robbers reportedly raped twelve (12) women. They were hosted to deliberate on it further.

Again, we suggested to them that we were working on another petition to appeal to the president to construct a police post at Nabulo because of the distance between the said community and its surrounding communities and the district capital Tumu. As at now, none of the leaders of SEYD received a call from any of the Radford FM journalists to find out how-far they (SEYD) have gone with the petition. This suggests we sissalas aren't serious about our own lives and developmental issues.

On the other hand, Radford FM does newspaper review every Thursday which is a laudable idea but rather end up without achieving anything. They well levelled headed and seasoned panellists thus Bawa Peter of NDC, who always make sure his other political opponents Benin Suleman of NPP, Mohammed of PNC and others to do research for three to four days. All in all, to gather their facts to enable them to counter him very well on the show. In fact, the panellists often raised good ideas thus to them is a channel of communication to let the president of the nation know where he should sit-up and what is expected of him.

I won't be flabbergasted at all if what of is discussed or said by the cerebral and weathered panellists even gets to the regional minister let alone getting to the president simply because I have never read or heard anywhere .

The journalists of the station need to factor in reports, article and statement writing of what is discussed on the station and beyond and publish it on online media or print media. In that, the president or some top rank and file of the government will get access to what the good people's of Sissalas views are with regards to things happening:

By Prince Justice Ali; Director of Communications of Sissala East Young Democrats
Cell: 0204803328