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Opinions of Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred

Bogus preachers should stop preaching the word wrongly.

Ghanaians are not ready to listen to any bogus preachers who do not know what he or she is up to in life. In recent times there have been different people who claim to be preachers of the Holy word (the Bible). Whether they are males or females, they do not deserve to be called pastor because they do not know what the word pastor mean. What then classify one to be a bogus preacher of the word?

Where can they be found in Ghana? What should be done to them or how should Ghanaians receive those preachers?

Bogus preachers are preachers who misinterpret the words in the Bible into their own way; they sometimes also preach the same word to suit the interest of the public. This means that they always consider other things in the delivering of the word or gospel rather than the truth that the Bible teaches us. Bogus preachers do not know how to say the truth to his congregation and treats his members with partiality; bogus preachers exalt themselves before their congregation and in the world or outside their church, bogus preachers neglect more important matters as justice, mercy and faithfulness. Bogus preach exalt themselves more than their colleague pastors and are hypocrites. Bogus preachers go as far as taking advantage of the problems of the poor to fill their sacks with the poor’s money. Bogus poachers are those who come out to tell the general public the day and time judgment day will come. It is stated clearly in the Bible that the end is unknown to any human on earth. This is stated in Matthew chapter 24 versus 36 to 51. So all those who come out in the cloths of preachers to give the day and time of the end are all bogus preachers.

Bogus preachers are found every where in the country, they are found in all the corners of the country; form the markets to the streets, they are found in our houses and even in most churches in the country. How bogus appear to people is very deceptive and if Ghanaians are not cautious will fall into their snares. By the way they go after their preaching you shall indentify them.

Ghanaians should be very watchful and detest such preachers for the spiritual development of the people of this country does not need these bogus preachers, we should not allow such preachers to pollute us and our children because if otherwise, our generation will not get the chance to know the rights thing talk-less about the doing them. Ghanaians should know that bogus preachers are real and are working to turn the gospel into lie to suit me and you.

Alfred Lamptey