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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Columnist: Counselor Frank Adofoli

Blood covenant in relationships - Part 1

Counsellor Frank Adofoli Counsellor Frank Adofoli

Lots of women are stuck with their first boyfriends, the one they first had sex with. For some ladies, even though the guy has moved on and is married or involved with someone else, they don't seem to have moved on.

Some ladies no matter how hard the new relationship is worked at, they end up going back to their first boyfriends.

You may ask, why does this happened? why are they so attached to their first guy?

Even some marriages get destroyed because of the first boyfriend thing. So it’s worth talking about that today.

Some ladies too inherit some trait or behavior as a result of their first sexual encounter with a man.

When a man deflowers a woman, a blood covenant is formed. This is because the blood from the broken hymen of the woman wets the sexual organ of the man, and by this act, a covenant is activated. This is spiritual and goes beyond physical.

This is why it is good for singles to keep their virginity until they are married because the first person that you had sex with has a big role to play in your life.

If the one you first had sex with is sexually loose, then you are likely to be sexually loose. If the man is an evil person, he will deposit an evil seed in the lady, making her evil too.

If you are a man and have a habit of having sex with virgins then you are in real trouble, you need deliverance to break the yoke involved in this bondage.

And if the man or woman you are about to marry now is not the man who deflowered you, then you have a blood covenant to break before you can peacefully go on with your marital life.

Always bear this in mind, sex is such a powerful tool, meant for the married. It has the power to make or break if its not used right.

Young ladies; don’t mistake sex for love, Cinderella didn’t lose her virginity to find the prince, she lost her slipper. You don't need to have sex to find your prince.