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Opinions of Friday, 15 April 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Is Money Your God? Read This.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

A lady reported on duty one fine morning smiling as she greeted her working colleagues before settling down for business of the day. All of a sudden, the smiles on her face vanished as she capped her chin in her palm and started to think deep.
So frustrated and looking deeply worried, one of her male working partners drew closer and asked her what was going wrong in her life at that moment. She was seriously cash strapped that even what she could use to board a bus back to the house after closing from work that evening was a problem.
Not knowing, due to lack of proper financial management, this lady has enjoyed a lot of sympathy from almost all her working partners to the extent that no one was ever ready to support her financially anymore. That worsened her woes at that time.
When the news got to other working partners, one of them photocopied dollar notes and shaped them to look like counterfeit dollar notes and stashed them in an envelope, sealed it and presented it to this cash strapped woman.
She received it with all the joy that it demands only to open it at a corner to realize that they were full of photocopied counterfeit dollar notes. Pain run through this woman’s heart and shed tears the whole day.
So many people dream to become rich, multimillionaires. But what is the point…..really….. all your problems in life will simply go away? The most annoying thing is that so many people these days choose a job based on salary and I am no exception as I have done before in the past. It was a high paying job but I did not want to suffer from chronic diseases in future.
Money is a means to get what you want, not the end goal itself. Sure it is accepted as a globally “scorecard”. In our local Ghanaian parlance we say “SIKA KASA” to wit, money talks, bullshit walks” as we hear often from others or “put your money where your mouth is”
Financial currency has become a way for us to show off or to show to others that “hey man I am awesome; I have so much money now”. Is true there are so many ways to make money but certain people makes me worried about this part where they work too hard to make money but could not get that back as money can not buy wealth, intelligence, wisdom and reputation.
Again, it is true there are so many ways or things one can do in life to make a lot of money, but would that also make us happy? That is the main question. Would you do illegal things, immoral things, and disgusting things to make a lot of money?
Young boys and girls in urban areas, would you sell drugs to other poor kids to make a million dollars? Pretty girls, would you be a porn star, stripper or prostitute if you could make a million dollars?
Business men and women, would you sell fake products, if it could make you a millionaire or sell your customers products to someone else without his promises? Internet operators, would you sell sex toys, Viagra, or spam email if it could make you a millions.
Government official, would you take bribes from contractors who want you to cheat their bid for a new economical zone? Police officer, Soldier, civil servant would you spend all your duty hours working lotto numbers with the hope that you will become a super rich millionaire by winning those numbers?
Sorry if these are the things that you are considering doing to become rich then I might say that you might make money your God only for you to regret later after having gotten rich.
Yes no one can live without having some amount of money on him. The same way it is burdensome for on to have plenty money on him and sometimes regret to have plenty money as those problems the money would solve rather becomes worse.
It is time for people to try and live an average life style not poor or too rich to enjoy peace. In the next article I will present to you more sad stories of lottery winners who ended their life poorer than they were before they won millions of lottery.