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Sports Features of Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Source: Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

Black stars victory exposes Nii Lantey

To be a sports minister needs a strong and humble character.Too much talking brings failure and l believe these are but a few bad qualities that made Nii Lantey fail as a sports minister.Now the new sports minister-designate, Hon.Isaac Asiamah and his incumbent Government have proven to his predecessor Nii Lantey that Black stars can win matches after all.

Knowledge and wisdom are the secrets of good governance.Look at how motivated the stars were against Uganda in their AFCON match.Though Hon.Asiamah has not officially started his assignment as a sports minister, the little that l have seen in Gabon is an evidence that he would be two hundred percent far better than Nii Lantey.

The sports ministry assignment is not about talking on the radio all the time and bewitching certain personalities and Association but how you solve some problems confidentially.Look at how confused some of the bad media are, concerning the bonuses issue of Black stars, is because the figure is uncertain to the public.Wise as Hon. lsaac Asiama and his government is, they have not talked about it on air, unlike his predecessor who was disclosing every figure to some media stations.Now they have nothing to talk about and out of frustration spreading lies and falsehood at Black stars camp to disturb their ambition at Gabon.There would be a reshuffle in President Akuffo Addo government but l can confidently say that the new sports minister would not be affected judgi ng from how he has started and l congratulate the president given the mantle to Hon.Asiamah.For a sports minister to succeed there is no way you can do without the FA.Ghana couldn't beat the same Uganda under Nii Lantey poor administration in our own backyard.My Question is what is the trick now under the new government, that they could beat Uganda in far away Gabon.

Nii Lantey should start asking himself such questions and for me, it is now confirmed Nii Lantey was the cause of our world cup qualification difficulty.Thank you for the new sports minister your sober pep talks and the president good will message and great motivation booster did the trick and l don't see how you can't be the best sports minister as time goes.With you in charge l; am confident Ghana would qualify to world cup though Nii Lantey damaged the chances before he left office.

The FA is free to do what they know best now so Nyantakyi, G.Afriyie,and all the executive committee members and able communication director Saani together with this new Government l say Ayekoo