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Opinions of Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mahama’s Incorruptible leadership-NDC?

Mahama Is Corrupt

"The election of President John Mahama as the ECOWAS Chair has come at a time that the continent needs his kind of leadership to lay a solid foundation for its political and economic development. That is according to the Kuku Hill Campaign Centre of the NDC.

In a statement issued by the Centre, it stated, President Mahama’s “incorruptible and selfless leadership” would guide him to offer real hope to the people of Africa in his one-year tenure"

Mahama is incorruptible? Are you people joking or you take Ghanaians as "foofoos" and zombies? Even President Mills suspected his then Vice President of being an addicted corrupt individual.

On his assumption to office in 2009, President Mills on 19th February, 2009, in his State of the Nation address to Parliament, told Parliament that his government was reviewing the decision to purchase two executive Presidential jets. "Ghana simply cannot afford the expenditure at this time and we certainly do not need two Presidential Jets", late President Mills told the whole world. President Mills as we later came to realise was not in good health and Ghana became like an acephalous country with Vice President Mahama virtually ruling the country on proxy.

Unknown to many Ghanaians, then chairman of the Armed Forces Council, Vice President John Mahama was frantically receiving delegations from Brazil and negotiating the acquisition of five jets, including the most expensive hangar for this poor nation, when his President appeared not to be aware of the transactions. At the blindside of President Mills, then Vice President Mahama led an NDC Government delegation to negotiate the purchase of aircrafts for the Ghana Armed Forces. The invoice he brought was “gargantually” inflated so much so that late President Mills, who was not known for questioning such corrupt deals by members of his party became convinced that his Vice President was up to mischief. He therefore set up a Three Member Committee to investigate this hypocrisy and betrayal of people’s trust.

According to former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu,the late President Mills, apparently shocked and suspicious of then Vice President Mahama's negotiations, set up a Committee, comprising Hon William Aboah, Mr. George Amoah and Brig. Gen. Allotey (Rtd.), to investigate the Processes of the Acquisition of Five Aircraft, including Embraer 190 aircraft and hangar to the Ghana Army.According to Martin Amidu, "pressure groups never allowed the Committee to take off. But the very fact that the late President Mills contemplated this Committee meant that he was uncomfortable with and suspicious of the alleged inflated prices of the aircraft." Well- meaning Ghanaians believe this is a huge indictment on John Mahama who has refused to address this issue. Why is President Mahama and his veloce communication team of more than thirty people refusing to address this important issue. This is a President with a team of young sharp teeths who responds to any accusation against him so why are they mum about this accusation by Mr Martin Amidu? Is it a case where there are evidence to indict Mahama so his team are willing to allow this accusation to blow over?

When the President Security members were accused of beating female students of a Nursing College in Sefwi Wiawso who pelted him with sachet water, the office of the President immediately issued statement denying the charges so why are they mum about the accusation from the former Attorney General?

"General News of Friday, 26 October 2012 Source: Office of the President Prez Mahama was not acttacked- Gov't

The Office of the President has described as false and politically motivated, claims by some radio stations that President John Dramani Mahama was attacked by female students of a Nursing College in Sefwi Wiawso who pelted him with sachet water."

Can the office of the President do the same by denying that President Mills never set a committee to investigate him? Ghanaians have the right to know if their President who would be seeking the votes to rule four more years in 2016 have been taking bribes to sign on to contracts. We don't want a recusant as a President and therefore demand an answer from President Mahama why President Mills suspected him to have inflated the prices of the planes he bought from the Brazil company. Is it a case of co-incidence that President Mahama's brother, Ibrahim bought a personal plane at the same time his brother was inflating prices on planes bought on behalf of the country?

If President Mills wanted his Vice President to be investigated for corruption and the President who had inspected projects the previous day daie mysteriously, then who can blame somew people for suspecting that President Mills was poisoned as it is being now alleged by one Mr Aziz Anchor that, the scheme to eliminate the president was hatched stemming back from when the late President John Mills indicated his disgust and strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence about the alleged inflated prices of Five Aircraft for the Armed Forces which were negotiated by his Vice President Mr John Dramani Mahama (Current Ghana President).

I think it will be in President Mahama's best interest to address this problem instead of leaving it to linger in the minds of conspiracy theorists that, President Mills was killed to silence him.

Justice Sarpong