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Opinions of Friday, 8 May 2015

Columnist: Nkunim, Yaw

Birthing the son Ghana; CPP woman ready

Life begins with a woman. When the woman takes seed, there is pregnancy. The fullness of gestation results in birthing a new life. The new child thus represents the new era, new age or a new time. This birth of a child is not only literal, but of a truth in every facet of life. Hence child birth could be literal or figurative. Both are however symbolic of a new beginning.

In politics, political parties give birth to governments. Generally speaking political parties are female. Government or administrations given birth to by political parties are male. This equation goes for nations and civilizations as well. In the last great African civilization, Kush (Ethiopia) gave birth to Kemet (Egypt), the great land of the pyramids. Today, in the Caucasian or Western civilization, Britain gave birth to America.

Both Kush (Ethiopia) and Britain are the women who gave birth to Kemet (Egypt) and America, their sons respectively. In general contextual analysis, “beginnings” are female. “Maturity” is male. We must note that the biblical Egypt and Kemet have nothing in common. Geographical locations and substantive systematic or cultural organizations are dynamic in history, just as nations and countries. We will have a full paper on this digressional topic soon. We must deconstruct a lot of these historical psychological damages.

Back to our current discourse, other feminine and masculine abstract analogies can be found in presidential swearing in ceremonies. Traditional enstoolment of chiefs, especially in Akan areas also come to mind. The stool, the physical ceremonial seat of the president is feminine. The oath swearing sword is masculine. It is therefore in the abstract order of beginning and maturity that the president first sits on the stool before given the state sword at or after taking the oath. Same goes for traditional swearing in of chiefs. The chief will first sit on the stool (mostly privately) before publicly using the sword to swear the oath. In consonance with culture, the president must hold the state sword to swear. Currently, the president is given the sword after taking the oath.

Culturally, particularly Akan, the queen mother leads the traditional order, until she ‘births the new son’, formally known as the chief. After the new son is born (enstooled) he, the chief, takes charge from the queen mother. He becomes the leader, both ceremonial and administrative of the traditional governance system. The son or chief becomes symbolic of the new era. This is vividly biblical where all power on earth, above and beneath is given to the Son, Jesus the Christ. The mother or queen mother, as the case may be, subsequently bows out from the frontal position into the essential role of guidance for the son or chief.

Civilization and development of the world is all about contest of cultures. Our culture transposed politically is perfectly captured in the Convention Peoples Party, CPP. Looking over all its historical monuments and movement, CPP boldly attracts the cultural eye. CPP currently has a woman (queen mother) as its chair and leader. It is the only political party in our history to achieve this perfect cultural alignment.

The CPP chair, who happens to be the daughter of Kwame Nkrumah, himself a great man of culture, is beautiful in every sense of the word. She is decent and graceful in presence in her queenly position of CPP. We also have two pretty ladies assisting her as vice chairs. The feminine leadership of the CPP has been quiet but strong and positive, awaiting the birth of the CPP son (the flag bearer who will lead the greatly anticipated CPP government from 2017, January 7). CPP thus, is heavily pregnant with a great son who must give great leadership to Ghana and Africa once again. This expected son, like the biblical David, has an awesome responsibility in the establishment of the promise land. CPP and Ghana need not be apprehensive, for just as David was unknowingly prepared, providence is ready with our well prepared son for the new day. CPP did not fail at the independence crossroads when coming out of “Egypt”. We will not fail at the dawn of the promise land. In the biblical revelations, the serpent stood in opposition to the wailing woman in labor for 1260 days, wanting to devour the expected son who will rule the whole world. The serpent failed in its evil plot. The chaotic established opposition to the birthing of the son by the CPP woman cannot exceed 2016. Ghana, God willing, will have a CPP government on 7 January 2017. Ghana will have CPP government on 7 January, 2017. The great promise will be realized. Ghana will lead Africa to transform its central geographical location into the center of the world under CPP governance.

The CPP woman is ready to deliver the son. We must all be vigilant to ensure the wholesome birth of this great son with great responsibility of Africa freedom. The truthness of the time shall prevail. Our great prosperity will be realized. Justice will triumph. All hail the CPP woman in great anticipation of the CPP son. Forward ever!! God bless us all.

Author: Yaw Nkunim

Sculptor, Concept Developer & CPP Member