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Opinions of Sunday, 30 June 2019

Columnist: Chris-Vincent

Beyond the ‘Becca interview’: Fear any woman who has bleached and conceitedly calls it beautiful

Ghanaian Singer, Becca play videoGhanaian Singer, Becca

It’s repugnant enough to bleach, but to call such act of absurdity beautiful conveys an underlying mental issue—and that’s my summarized opinion on the Becca situation.

From my on-air conversation with Becca’s mother yesterday, it became apparent that Becca, her father-Mr Acheampong, her Nigerian husband-Tobi Sanni and step-mother have coalesced their strength into somewhat “tormenting” the biological mother of Becca-Juliana Oti.

I find this interesting, especially when a few years ago, Becca’s father-Mr. Acheampong was in the media granting numerous hostile interviews—and stated categorically that he has disowned Becca because she wanted to marry her then manager-Kiki Banson. Today, Becca, this same Mr Acheampong and his wife are said to be sipping chilled champagne and baking themselves in a delightful sense of schadenfreude as Juliana Oti laments through life.

Outside the borders of the above, I also find it unacceptable, perhaps even criminal that Becca’s father-Mr Acheampong got her mother pregnant at the age of 14 when he was far older and was already married.

Becca’s mother stated that she gave birth to Becca at the age of 15—therefore it’s plausible that she was 14 or in her early 15 when she got pregnant. Does this not amount to defilement or some sort of paedophile?

A lot of people seem to be missing the nuances of the pain a 14-year old pregnant girl would have gone through at the time and how this one act, probably changed her life and its prospects.

Becca’s mother-Juliana Oti stated that she had to quit school when she got pregnant—and even if for nothing at all, she sacrificed her education for this same smug Becca who is today treating her like trash, aided by her newfound husband.

It’s quite fascinating that when it suits Beccs and her agenda, she pulls Juliana Oti into the picture as her loving and supportive mother–and when it does not, she is alleged to be the motherlode of witchery.

Were we not all here when during Becca’s 10 years’ musical career anniversary concert she called her mother on stage (after bringing her all the way from London) proudly showcasing her and telling the entire world about the abundance of love and support this same woman has given her so far.

Today, Becca does not even speak to her and claims not to recognise her as her mother—an unfortunate seed of disgust probably sowed by her husband-Tobi Sanni or nurtured by him.

A chameleon, the deceptive reptile, may even doff its hat for Becca—for she does not only change her skin colour, her love is extremely venomous and uncertain.