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Opinions of Friday, 1 March 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Beware of the Devil Incarnates within the NPP

There are people who outwardly belong in the NPP but inwardly, are agents of the NDC. No, I should have said, they are purely the devil incarnates. They are iron wrought NDC faithful masqueraded as NPP saints only to come and cause confusion in the party. The ulterior motive behind their actions is to bring NPP to her knees permanently. Some of these wolves clad in sheep's skin are Mr. Kwame Pianim, a supposedly veteran politician and investment consultant and Dr. Wereko Brobbey, aka Tarzan. There are a lot more of such questionable characters working for the interest of NDC from within the NPP. One Mr. Michael Osei Mensah, aka Honourable, who is resident in France figures principally among the traitors. He is an NDC mole who wormed himself into the NPP to finally become the Communication Director of its Branch in France.

It is now not the moment to apportion blames but to work in solidarity as members of one bigger family full of sensible human beings. However, we need to be wary of the bad nuts that have infiltrated into the party, become spies, and are reporting on NPP plans and activities to the NDC, their secret employers. We have to keep them at arm's length from us.

Back to Bataan - The NDC after all their despicable acts, corruption, lawlessness and incompetence coupled with Dr. Afari-Gyan's inability to explain how he came by the 241,524 names on the voter's register, are coming back talking trash with audacity. Several days after Nana Akuffo-Addo furnished President Mahama and Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan with the "further details and better particulars" as granted upon an interrogatory petition filed by the defendants in the Supreme Court, the loudmouth, ugly, and emaciated Asiedu Nketiah has something to talk about. He is making his usual nonsensical noise as Mosquito as he is, and does.

He claims the plaintiffs' documents submitted to the defendants on the alleged irregularities taken place in nearly 12,000 polling stations are vexatious (annoying), frivolous (foolish) and obfuscating (confusing or not clear). Consequently, he expects the Supreme Court to throw the case out or rule in favour of the most unprecedentedly mediocre, corrupt, incompetent, myopic and untrustworthy President or party, in the annals of Ghana politics.

I will advise fellow NPP faithful and all discerning Ghanaians to rally solidly behind the leadership of the NPP. The NDC are panicking owing to the sheer volume of credible evidence in possession of the NPP to prove their case of fraud against John Mahama and the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.

Much as I advise that we dismiss Johnson Asiedu Nketiah for being a rabid NDC activist, I will equally admonish all sensible Ghanaians with NPP faithful inclusive, to monitor the NDC people closely. If they think they can go around stealing or tampering with evidential materials as has been happening since the lawsuit challenging the credibility of the declaration of John Mahama as both the President-elect and the President, I tell them they are in for an irredeemable shock. They will be exposed at every turn of the corner. Their nefarious activities being committed under the cover of darkness are being exposed in a broad daylight for all to see and judge.

I have faith in God. I have faith in His revelation to KOFI BASOAH in a dream that Nana Akuffo-Addo will regain his lost winning verdict if and only if, the NPP will remain RESOLUTE in their quest to ensure JUSTICE is done to election 2012.

All will be well provided you, the members of the NPP, and all discerning Ghanaians will rally resolutely behind the leadership of the NPP. If all desert the NPP leadership in this fight to ensure JUSTICE is done, I will be the only on my feet supporting them to the end, so take note. I know, Dr. Afari-Gyan and the NDC rigged the election in favour of John Mahama. This is confirmed by Kofi Basoah's dream.

Rockson Adofo