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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Columnist: Abdulai, Alhasan

Beware of confidence tricksters

Beware of confidence tricksters in old schnapps bottles and old currencies (2)

While attempting to galvanize support across the nation to sensitize people to stay clear from fallacies and petty tricks on vital national affairs, a traditional ruler is said to have attributed the recent fire outbreaks in our markets to a deity known as kukula.

As per a GNA report the traditional ruler Pe Oscar Oscar B Tiyiamo claimed that the deity is peeved with some market women who refused to go back to it after consulting it hence the fire outbreaks. This is unbelievable.

We know that most readers would not take him serious. Not very many people in the north and the entire nation would believe him, for we must know that the fires are caused by human failings. We therefore need to resort to scientific means of unraveling the menace.

Our markets are getting burnt because those market women and men do not live in the markets where invariably fire out breaks begin in the evenings or midnights when the market mammies are out to their various homes. If the deity has given reasons for the fires in our markets what does it say regarding those whose kiosks in our neighborhoods got burnt together with their children at night when their mums go out of the kosks? Should we attribute this to the unseen hands of deities”.

The fires could be attributed to negligence on the part of the occupants of the markets or some miscreants which. Since the Ghana fire service has reports on fires and the government has instituted investigations into the fires it is our belief that the real causes of the fires would be laid bare to us all in no time. Until then all market mammies must adhere to the rules set by the city authorities to curb fires in our markets, homes and offices. Don’t listen to the prophesies and teachings of incompetent ‘prophets of fire’

Let us note that not only markets are in danger of getting burnt. But for the vigilance of our family members who are at home throughout the days and nights to save the situation most of our homes could go up in flames due to our mishandling of electrical appliances like pressing irons, water heaters, and gas cookers and overloaded circuits. As a means of reducing the fires in our homes and markets we must institute technical audit of the markets to get al inadequacies fixed. We should also send a delegation to neighboring countries and developed economies to learn their experiences on fires in their homes and markets and how they are able to deal with it. It our belief that as the economy is expanding the increase of use of electricity would pose a lot of challenges regarding fires to us.

FORTUNE TELLERS Apart from those who give doubtful reasons for fire outbreaks, there is an upsurge of men of God who take advantage of our circumstances to fleece people of their hard earned fortunes. As part from giving their own reasons for the fire outbreaks, some of these men operating in neighborhoods and radio station as fortune tellers claim to have powers to drive away demos and apprehend witches.

Studies have shown that the methods used by these men are neither ‘Biblical nor Quoranic’.

They are believed to be working through syndicates who call into radio stations to confess their involvement in witchcraft and or claim to have miraculously succeeding in landing a job, a husband or wife. Most people have fallen victim these men. The earlier they put a stop to it the better.

The advice to all seeking salvation from God is to follow the righteous men of God, attend Churches and Mosques themselves and read and understand the gospels themselves.

According to a story in the mirror of Saturday July 6, the police criminal investigation department is on the heels of tricksters who are engaged in various means of fleecing the people.

The CID must not limit their investigations on petty crimes. The time has come for them to stretch their investigations to all whose activities can lead to panic, trauma, and loss of money by innocent persons.

Another serious issue that requires the attention of all is the tricks by some people to fleece unsuspecting subscribers of mobile phones. People are asked questions on their cell phone with the promise of winning thousands of Cedis. The rules of the games are not clear. All we are told is to continue answering some questions leading to the reduction of money on our credits. All the telecom companies must reconsider allowing tricksters to use their networks. Many Ghanaians are losing fortunes in the many games that are played on a daily basis.