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Opinions of Saturday, 13 February 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Beware of NPP fake pictures!!.

I am afraid the advert of social media has brought back those classes of groups(1,2 and 3). And here I am not going to talk about people or political parties who have more members in parliament because that is obvious. We know who has more MPs and who the second is and the number three. My focus will be on the supporters of these parties or say presidential hopefuls.

I have said in many of my posts that I will continue to criticise opposition parties because they are not immune to criticism. It is even worse if a party behaves like group three pupils. I am not insulting anyone here. I am just stating the facts. Let me give you the one example maybe you will agree with me.

Yesterday,I saw a post and a picture from a named African country. But just today a named Npp Mp,Hon. Agambilla posted it and said that was the labour ward in one of our hospitals. Again people started commenting without looking at the picture very well. Some people said they saw it in a newsfeed about a months ago,but sure Hon. Agambilla as usual posted it. Do people think what they see others don’t see?. People saw it from another source and you share it saying it is another place!?. I don’t know what to call this. You be the judge and give a name to such people.

The list is endless. Npp supporters are using a lot of images which are as old as 12 years. Photos taken not only in Africa but also in other countries and claim that was Ghana. The question is for what purpose. You post false pictures about your country what are you?. These fake photos are doing more harm than good to npp and Nana Addo. And this is a fact. If that is your provision of checks and balances then we have no opposition supporters in Ghana.

Instead of working hard for your country or looking for a job. You have now resorted to going around Shoprite supermarkets to get photos of prices. You eat bread, sweet potatoes or koko for breakfast everyday. When did you start eating cornflakes that you should have interest in how much they cost!?.

Until opposition parties behave and understand that Ghana is our country and we have to be proud of it in good times and when we are facing challenges. We should work together and build our country together. Until that day when we see a smart opposition otherwise we have no opposition. We just have enemies of progress.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings once said: “Npp is like buttocks. They will forever remain behind” Npp supporters are not doing themselves justice but proving him right.

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