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Opinions of Saturday, 23 October 2010

Columnist: Dotse, Kwasi Gibralta

Beware NDC

Complacency and over bloated confidence can be very dangerous! The Government and the NDC party must know that the battle line has being drawn (for a very longtime). In fact it has been drawn on January 7, 2009, and has been further activated by the election of the flagbearer of NPP, the vindictive lousy, arrogant, inefficient and dangerous Nana ‘Kapwepwe’ Akufo Addo. The unleashing negative propaganda and outright lies have been intensified in recent times. The NPP is using the media houses of their equally corrupt heads/editors like Kwaku Baako aka MR DOCUMENT and other identifiable bodies to do the dirty job for them.

I do not know how serious the Government and the NDC Party is taking the revelation by the Daily Post “How NPP plans to kick NDC out of power.” The daily post has vivid details about NPP’s modus operandi. The ball is now squarely in the court of the Government and the NDC Party. I will briefly compare NDC to the Democrats of the U.S: while the Democrats virtually turns to Former President Bill Clinton for advice even to the extent that he is now leading their campaign onslaught for president Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in this Nov Mid-term elections in which they find themselves in a very tight corner, some NDC government functionaries and party executives are busy going round denigrating Former President Rawlings for their stomach’s sake. The Democrats are using President Bill Clinton as campaign strategists and tapping his experience, charisma and his star power to try to turn the midterm in their favor. The earlier we put an end to this disrespectful, selfishness and self-destructive behavior, the better for us. We must effectively tap into Dr. Jerry John Rawlings’ experience, popularity, drive, charisma and energy to prosecute the 2012 election for the betterment of Mother Ghana.

I was surprised to hear from a friend that she did not vote in 2000, 2004 and 2008 elections. Her reasons were very simple; former President Rawlings’ name was not on the ballot paper! Because according to her, President Rawlings is one person she believes truly have the people at heart. No doubt this lady is an independent with no affiliation to any party whatsoever. I believe there are many more people like my friend. We must all remember that election is about numbers. The earlier the Government and the NDC as a party revise their notes and treat President Jerry John Rawlings’, the founder of the NDC Party as an asset and with respect, the better. The NPP is very much aware of the popularity, the sincerity and the charisma of JJ and they are doing everything possible to make him unpopular if they ever want to get to power. Unfortunately some of our NDC folks either cannot decipher the nefarious intents of the NPP or they are opportunists who just want to fill their stomachs (like their NPP folks) and have joined the NPP bandwagon.

The earlier the Government and the NDC tap into the potentials of Dr. Rawlings and use him to the benefit of the party and Ghanaians in general, the better for us all. Instead of insulting former President Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang, I want the Government and the NDC Party’s Communication team to take Dr. Tony Aidoo’s advice of putting their house in order and “gird their loins” to avoid the “suffocation of Ghanaians under an avalanche of NPP orchestrated lies and propaganda.” May God forbid, if Nana ‘Kapwepwe’ Akufo Addo in the unlikeliest event should win the 2012 election, a lot of government and party officials must be ready to spend time in Nsawam “Training College”. These officials must not deceive themselves that if they treat former NPP government appointees and officials with kids’ gloves, they will also be treated as such…….they (NDC government and officials) will be laughing at the wrong side of their mouths. We must all remember the looting of Ghanaians’ properties (Lands and Government Bungalows etc.) and the stealing of the taxpayers’ money by the former NPP government.

NDC must note that the Danquah-Busia (bomb throwers and looting brigades) and their power hungry cronies are extremely dangerous, self-centered and wicked beings that cannot be trusted! Trusting them will be at one’s own peril! Those who have ears let them listen!

Kwasi Gibralta Dotse USA, Virginia