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Opinions of Sunday, 16 September 2012

Columnist: Osabutey, Kingsley

Nduom and Eva Naa Merley Lokko – a winning ‘Team Ghana’

In reaction to an article titled, “Eva Lokko snubbed CPP for PPP” on Ghanaweb, and the comments that followed on 14th Sept 2012, I wish to make the following clarifications.

I sincerely hope that we have all been listening to Eva Lokko's presentations all over the media landscape since she was nominated during the week to run with Dr Nduom. She herself has openly admitted that indeed, she was once a member or a supporter of the CPP but that since the emergence of the PPP, she took the smart decision to join the PPP initiative to turn to a new page that promises a more disciplined, honest, practical and profitable approach for national development.

Every Ghanaian has the right and the choice to support any political Party at any time that he or she chooses. Indeed one can decide to change their support for any political Party every six months if one wishes. It seems to me that if Eva Naa Amerley Lokko was really a stomach politician as one comment suggested, she would have rather opted to join one of those quarrelsome and vulgar Parties who seem to have more questionable money to spend on glamorous and dubious campaigns than they seem to have to put into development investments in the health, education and agricultural sectors of the economy when they were in govt.

Let us all be awake! We as a people, need to fight for our fair share of national resources in terms of better healthcare, education, jobs, housing, salaries and the rest.

For the past 30 odd years we have all been fooled and ‘enslaved’ by Parties who have managed only to develop the wealth and the well-being of a few individual members of their Parties only. The sad part about all this is that, we continue to blindly support them to continue stealing our national wealth and resources. We know and we are well aware of their unimpressive private, personal, business and political capabilities. Apart from the incessant lies which they sell to us, at 50 pesewas a ton, they have nothing else to impress upon us to vote for them - unless of course we all want to continue playing this dirty game and to remain shamefully poor.

On the other hand, we all also know the hugely impressive private, personal, business and political capabilities of Dr Nduom. His many successful businesses have directly and indirectly provided employment, income and a meaningful life to many hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians – not to talk of taxes, social security and many other levies and services which have significantly and productively impacted favourably on the Ghanaian economy.

We all know of Dr Nduoms meritorious and tireless role as a Minister in various portfolios in both the NDC and the NPP govts of the past. Why would the earlier NDC govt hire him to restructure state enterprises – which he did successfully, and why would the NPP govt continue – in spite of the antagonistic differences and suspicions they the NDC and the NPP harbour between themselves, also follow that govt and make Dr Nduom Minister of several Ministries during their eight-year period in govt? The answer to that is as obvious as obvious as the shining sun.

In fact if both these two parties have anything at all to boast about and to campaign with today, they should not only give thanks to Dr Nduom on their knees, but they should - if they want a successful and better Ghana, also vote for Dr Nduom or, they should all just simply join TEAM GHANA - the PPP.

Dr Nduoms achievements in the political domain of Ghana are also unparalleled. No other politician – including past Presidents, in recent memory have personally managed to achieve so much for Ghana in such a brief space of time. You name it - Millenium Challenge Account, N1 Highway, NHIS, National Identification Scheme, School-feeding Program, the unprecedented Single Spine salary restructuring project, the restructuring of many state enterprises such as the SIC Insurance company, SSNIT, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, VELDT, the Graphic Communications Group and many organizations and institutions – which, thanks to Dr Nduom, are still running successfully and profitably, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for Ghanaians today.


No sane or any well-meaning Ghanaian would ignore the potential of this man to lead Ghana and then turn to look elsewhere at the more mediocre and considerably dubious alternatives who have again and again led us into the ditch in the past. If we all learn from our mistakes, we must then learn not to vote for those Parties or, not to make those same mistakes again. For Gods sake we did not go to school for nothing. We are not Christians just for display or for nothing.

Let us make God our creator proud of us by putting on our thinking caps. Let us make our children and our fellow Ghanaians proud and thankful by making the best choices in the next elections – instead of hanging on to our bad old habits. It seems that we have become addicted and accommodating to the pain, shame and poverty that our ‘old-school’ politicians have inflicted on us? If not, let us put on our thinking caps to prove that we did not go to school for nothing. Lets prove to ourselves that our mothers and fathers did not take the trouble to bring us up properly for nothing and that we can distinguish right from wrong by voting for the PPP in December.

We have suffered for far too long and we should all wake up from the painful experiences of the nightmare of our past and present. Living in Ghana today is like having one of those horrible dreams from which you want to wake up but you cant. I think this is called an incubus. In spite of ourselves we are all sick and tired of all this. Why should it continue to be like that?

Let us turn our fortunes around by voting for the only available and credible alternative – the PPP. It is the only visible window of opportunity on the political landscape of Ghana. Enough is enough. Vote for the PPP to release Ghana from the pains of misery and wicked, selfish political actors.

Our country has more than enough resources to make each and every Ghanaian live as comfortably as people who live in more developed societies. If we do not live like that today, it is because we have always supported and voted for people who cannot take us to the ‘promised land’.

For some strange reason, we have chosen to make friends with bad boys and girls and we have chosen to adopt their reckless and unthinking lifestyles as well. Period!

However, we don’t need to look far to find the cure to these many illnesses of Ghana. The medicine and the cure is right here amongst us. It comes in the form of one of our very own brothers. A man who will not need to cheat and engage in sneaky destructive corrupt practices to make money, because he himself, as a private citizen and a businessman, is incorruptible, he is disciplined, he is hardworking, he is competent, he is humble and modest and he has made more than enough in a decent way, to last him and his grandchildren throughout their lifetime. He is a man who is called – Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, a genuine article of the motherland. What more do we need? Fellow Ghanaians what more do we need?

If there is any reason why we – or indeed any other well-meaning Ghanaian should join the PPP bandwagon, those reasons are certainly not far away or hard to find. It is in the virtues of the Party-papa! The PPP.

Not satisfied with the monumental credits of Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, the PPP has come up with another extraordinary accomplishment – the nomination of Eva Naa Merley Lokko – a lady of no mean standards and a person who without any doubt, all concerned Ghanaians would without any doubt, would wish to and would be proud to have as their Vice President.

Naa Merley Lokko herself, is equally unblemished and of immense individual and intellectual fortitude. She has stuck her head out and fought where other men have feared to tread. She has singularly waded into the fray and challenged existing out-dated establishmentarian concepts and societal customs. Wilfully and perhaps in some instances, ignorantly, many have tried to lure her in corrupt damnable practices in order to break her resolve to get good things done for this country. But they have failed on countless occasions. They failed because this brave woman, like other heroines in our history, stood up alone against multitudes of fierce adversaries – and carried the flag of Ghana high on her feminine shoulders to wage battle against those who profit immensely from the poverty and the eternal backwardness of their fellow citizens.

Eva Lokko is a formidable woman who is limitless in knowledge, achievement and courage. The unseen forces of nature above have presented her to the masses of suffering Ghanaians – at this very crucial time in our history to advance the crusade to save us from our misery. She is a replica of the Nduom success story with which together, they promise to impart unto all the good people of Ghana - if we give them our vote and thus our permission to do so in December 2012, the good things of life that we, as a proud and honourable people, deserve.

Lift high the flag of Ghana!


Kingsley Osabutey