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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Columnist: Wisdom Koudjo Klu

Bedroom pornshows: A threat to quality education

Wisdom Koudjo Klu Wisdom Koudjo Klu

The quest to providing quality education and the zeal to delivering it within schedule is not a scare-crow. This is the only thing that keeps defining the proportion of the budgetary allocation for education in all countries across the globe. It is worth accepting that, the target "4" of the Sustainable Development Goals, could not be achieved when parents continue to enshrine their wards with pornographic materials at home, not just at home but, in their bedrooms.

The showcase of live sex, has become the order of the day. I mean it has become "a goodnight message," being delivered by most parents to their children, before they retire to bed. You need not tell me this happens unknowingly. Just check your sexual drive and let the toddler sleep, and let the toil of the teacher not be in vain.

I believe that, the above may sound nonsensical, but may I hasten to remind "You "- the search for that witch and its deliverance from the parlous academic performance of your lovely child could be "You," I mean "irresponsible parents." Oh yes. I give "You" the right to smile but not to laugh over this, and the expectation is not to display an iota of resistance or argue over it. Permit me to cajole you to agree with me as we answer the "Whys".

The flagging of erotic behavior, intended to cause sexual excitement in our partners, in our bedrooms, with no realization that our children may not be asleep per the time is causing sleepless nights to teachers to handle. School Principals, Education Managers, I mean stakeholders in the sector suffer it unknowingly. Live showcase of sexual intercourse or any activity leading to it, in the glare of our school children is killing them gradually in class. This makes some resort to watching pornographic materials under their desk , with critical comparison of what they have at hand to the relia (teachers flap or buttocks), in an attempt to quenching their thirst for sexual intercourse. Ask me for clarification than to attempt raising red flags. This is nothing but the truth. It is what your ward's teacher is getting suffocated with due to your negligence.

The practice is not only a siege to the country's fight in raising morally upright youth, but, also continues to weaken the fundamentals in the attempt to providing an "All in All Quality Education" for the school going age.

Whether you are an urban or rural dweller posterity would not pardon you if you should continue to watch blatantly and try denying this barbaric and abusive practice against our cherished learners in your bedrooms. I know you are a victim of this practice. But it is not very late to fetch for an alternative, as nothing could resist me from replacing your name with "Irresponsible Parent."

Lest I forget, it is very true that no parent, not even one, would love to share a bedroom with the kids but for the benevolence of poverty to our society: is the very ailment stripping both men and women naked, showcasing their body contours, and dangling their mangoes (sexual parts), in the same room with their children: which has brought these frustrations into our homes. I would not blame you too much, but do not be happy because, I could not accept this as an excuse. If one could just imagine the level of infringement this practice has perforated on the academic performance of our children, then you would appreciate why posterity would not leave you to go unpunished.

As parents, we need to embrace the fact that, the showcasing of live pornography, in front of our children is what intoxicates most of them to sleep in class, though not limited to such a practice alone. Inadvertently, the involuntary, melodious, and the romantic sounds, coming from both angles in our bedrooms like that of a woman in labor, could not make alot of these students enjoy good sleep for the next day's school activities. But I ask myself, " Why should the lizard feed on pepper just for the frog to suffer its torment?" Is this not nauseating? Indeed, it is.

For the sake of doubt, to the parent whose mind is metres away from the subject matter, the message still remains, " Let us Stop having Sex in the Glare of Our Children." The act of galloping to satisfying our sexual desires as parents, lead to ignoring the presence of our innocent and under-aged children in our bedrooms and our homes, who are now serving as our unsuspecting spectators of the night show. The practice would not only mess up their lives from being responsible citizens, but also, serve as a waste of resources in the stakeholders' attempt to providing quality education to children in and across the borders of our country.

Is it not so misleading and revolting, if we continue to point at the penis as "kakai," and tell them it is used for urinating, but hypocritically show live demos of what it is used for in their presence? What kind of trust and respect could your child have for you? Shamelessly, instead of the child interrogating further to undress the truth, they resort to practicing it and become perfect at it. Pathetically, this leads to teenage pregnancy. I know, the answer to, "Who spoiled my child, she is a novice?" would remain unanswered in your throats till you join the heavenly choir, because you are aware of the cause.

Bedroom free sex tuition from "irresponsible parents," do not only shrink the brain of the learner, but sabotages their sexual responsibilities in the future as this could lead them to: the incessant use of sex toys, self-fingering, masturbation, prostitution, to highlight but a few at the expense of the quality education they deserve.

Expectations From Key Stakeholders:


????Should perceive this as a call on them to do something “right,” but not as an attack on their reputation.

???? should partition their rooms and avoid sharing same bed with their children.

????Should have sexual intercourse in the absence of their kids, if there is no alternative than to share single rooms and a bed with their kids.

????Should control their sexual drive in the presence of their children as it gives them sleepless nights, making them sleep in class and bringing the exhausting effort of the teacher to zero.

Classroom Teachers

????should continue providing counselling to children who suffer this kind of sexual abuse at home and, encourage them not to practice what they see their parents do.

???? Should not label them as spoilt children; they need our: love, care and support to win over the canker, in order to remain beneficiaries of the "All in All," quality education.

????Should continue to draw the attention of parents to dangers in sharing same room and same bed with their wards at community-based gatherings.


In summary, as the expectancy rate for free things within our society continues to engulf our mental faculties, no citizen should see distribution of free mats and provision of free accommodation as the panacea to the practice. The populace, should rather strive to provide themselves with the requisite resources before making families.

Government and other stakeholders in the sector should see the custom as a threat in achieving quality education for all, as it could make some learners become school dropouts and rapists, due to addictive pleasure for sexual intercourse.

Policy makers should initiate measures to mitigate the poverty gap, and cushion parents, so that, they could nurture their children in admirable homes. The world needs every one to be carried along in the provision of the "All in All," quality education.